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What we mean by Bulls and Bears?


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In the milieu of every stock trading, you might have encountered with the statement, there is bear against every bull”. This might perhaps a confusing statement for the people who have a little knowledge about the stock trading and the course of arrangements. Bulls are the stock traders who have made strong returns out of their investments where as the bears are the losers. The phenomenon works in a counter circular manner. If a stock trader remains triumphant in making money, it is quite persuaded that somebody has lost indeed. The bigwigs of a trading day are the bulls. Now the question arises, how does it become so certain? The answer is very simple. If a stock traders sells his stocks below market price, then the person to whom he has sold would be a gainer while the stock seller is a loser.

Market Trends

The terms further elucidate the market trends as well. In technical stock trading jargon thesaurus, the bearish trend refers to a gaining trend where the dominant trend is gaining one while if the stocks are not being traded up to the anticipations and a disappointing trend is observed, the it will be referred to as a bullish market trend. In the former, many investors will be expected to make capital gains by and large whereas in latter, copious would go to home after sinking their money.

How to find a bullish or bearish trend?

You can merely observe both of the trends while stock trading, if the technical analysis charts are exhibiting an upward tendency continuously all day long, it is minimally a bulls’ day and if the charts are illustrating a downward graphical leaning, it is austerely a bears’ day. There might be several reasons behind both of the trends e.g., debate of market efficiency, political instability, perception of the stock traders etc.

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