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What is eToro Webtrader?



etoro-logoTrading currencies, commodities, indices and stocks from your couch! Sounds interesting? Well, eToro, the largest social trading organization, enables people to do so.This Social trading community was established to enable people to achieve their financial goals. The reason why this investment network is preferred over others is that it isn’t just for professionals and experienced Forex traders; instead, it aims to facilitate any ordinary person looking forward to social trading and online investment.

The approach of this community is analogous to that of a social networking site, rather than a typical Forex Broker.

Etoro promises a decent trading experience for its users. Broadly, this social investment network is extremely facile and exhibits a user friendly interface. It provides numerous platforms equipped with tons of features for the users. These include: openbook, webtrader and mobile trader.

Etoro Webtrader is pretty straightforward, which brushes away a lot of complexities. It is equipped with all the imperative tools and features required for trading.

This webtrader enables people to view live rates, access positions and orders, edit trade settings, manage copy trading, update stop loss and profit orders e.t.c

Moreover, the etoro webtrader remains fully synchronized with your entire open book, which makes it even easier to supervise and administer your investments.

Perhaps the most noticeable and innovative feature provided by etoro webtrader, is the professional charts feature. The webtrader aids your trading by providing a wide range of technical charts along with voguish and latest analysis techniques. Traders can find the support and resistive levels to perceive the price trends. Furthermore, this webtrader is equipped with a wide range of technical indicators, which can be accessed through the chart menu. There are many other salient features too;

  • A sound notification feature has been added. Clicking on the bell icon next to the pairs activates sound notification for the particular pair and when the pair reaches the set price, a sound notification could be heard.


  • The new and updated instruments window gives more detailed information. It offers two modes; the Box view and the chart view.


  • The new feature “Quick chart” enables a person to monitor the change in the price of the pairs. What makes it even more accessible, is that you can view the price trend for any time period you wish. You can switch to monthly, weekly or daily view. The sentiments column shows you the selling and buying ratio for the particular instrument by copiers or traders.


  • This also calculates the net profits for the trader, after deducting any accrued payables.


  • The open order window makes it simpler to open a new trade. Clicking on the order button allows you to choose your preferred risk level, set your desired stop loss and select a currency pair. Switching from Trade to order has also been made more convenient.


  • This social trading website also provides a unique feature of copying other traders. You can copy the best traders from around the world. The tabs that appear on the right let people view and comment on their chosen traders and enables people to instantly choose new traders to copy.


Etoro webtrader gives everyone an opportunity to try their luck with social trading. It is easy to learn and use, which makes it convenient for everyone willing to invest.




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