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What is Etoro Web trader?

etoro-logoIf you are looking for a very enjoyable, clean, flexible and efficient web trading platform, then it’s the eToro Web trader that you are looking for. This Web Trader introduced by eToro is a trading platform which features a multitude of trading tools. Many community trading features also accompany this trading platform. The most amazing part is that this web trader happens to be synchronized with your Open Book. Consequently you can monitor, manage and analyze your trading portfolio very effectively and conveniently. You might be wondering what features make this web trader rise above the others. Following are some of the traits of this web trader which account for its rampant popularity.

Simplicity and Convenience

eToro Web trader has a characteristic interface which is extremely easy, accessible, convenient and user-friendly. Consequently you can maintain your trading accounts with significant ease. It enables you to keep a check on your day to day trading activities. The web trader provides you with a myriad of options. Chart analysis, position parameters, monitoring open trades, keeping up with live news updates; all are brought at your disposal by website’s interface.

Synchronization with Open Book

Social Trading is rapidly escalating. With this technological advancement, you ought to use such a trading platform which helps you to keep pace with this advent. Contrary to traditional trading, this new advanced trading has brought several new dimensions of financial markets into focus, and all of these dimensions ought to be given consideration. This Web trader collaborates both social trading and traditional trading. The Web Trader automatically syncs your account to your  Open Book whenever you use it. In this way you can contemplate upon copied trades as well as the trades you open yourself. The copied trades then appear on your Open Trades panel. Consequently you can manage them as you like.

Professional Charts

This Web trader also equips you with the latest knowledge and faculties. Professional technical charts are provided to you that comprise of all the latest techniques. These professional charts go a long way in helping you to carry out your trades. They enable you to plot trend lines and support/resistance levels. Moreover you are equipped with the appropriate faculties to use various technical indicators such as ASI and William%R. These indicators help you with your analysis. All the available technical indicators can be viewed by going to the ‘ Studies’ tab in the chart menu and then clicking on ‘System Manager’. Your favorite indicators can be added to the left side menu in the ‘Displayed Studies List’. This list will sprout up whenever you click on the ‘Studies’ tab.

Do you even need this web trader?

eToro web trader is the most comprehensive web trading platform out there. It’s new and up graded versions keep on coming which have better technological advancements than the previous versions. eToro Web trader is equipped with all the tools you need to manage your manual and CopyTrade portfolio. Moreover its sleek interface makes it excessively easy to use. So if you are wondering whether it is worth your attention or whether you even need it, then the answer is definitely YES.



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