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What is eToro People discovery tool?

etoro-logoeToro, the largest social investment network, comprising of over 3 million users, has broadcasted a wider range of its new “people discovery tools”. These new features will help users discover renowned investors at eToro who may fit into your investment strategy and make it easier to discover investment prospects based on various filters and profile finding option.


eToro people discovery tools are:


  • Country
  • profile picture
  • full name
  • Minimum gain (20%)
  • Minimum trades (10)
  • Maximum weekly drawdown (10%)
  • Minimum weeks active (50%)
  • Portfolio
  • Copiers


Country: this people discovery tool aids in discovering people regionally. It is the first step to narrow down your choices in discovering people.


Profile Picture: by using the profile picture tool, you will be able to limit the search you make to only the people who have uploaded a globally accessible profile picture for their profiles. Traders with incomplete profiles are less likely to regard their copiers’ concerns.


Full Name: promptly accessing well-known people and markets is a vital part of using the eToro OpenBook. Simply hitting the search box on the eToro OpenBook site header, and typing makes the most appropriate search results drop down, like magic!

  • Search for people by entering username, first name or last name.
  • Search for markets by entering their market icon or stock company name.

Minimum Gain: Setting minimum gain (20%) option in the etoro people discovery tool, your search results are restricted to the users having gain 20% or above. Lesser than 20% is considered a Low Gain. Removing this tool delimits your results.

Minimum Trades: Setting this filter on shows all the profiles bearing a minimum of 10 trades. No trader having trades fewer than 10 is displayed in the discovery results. In order to inspect a trader bearing lesser than 10 trades, all you need is to remove this filter from your people discovery tools.

Maximum weekly drawdown: Gain comprises of equity growth percentage over a certain period of time. Maximum Weekly Drawdown indicates the week’s maximum percentage that the trader has ended up in loss. Profitable Trades involve a fraction of a trader’s positions which ended in gain. This filter can be used to fetch the most genuine performance-based results in the search, while at the same time giving extraordinary consideration to the week based evaluation; this is a key factor in knowing how reliable a trader is and how much unfailing results he gives. Applying this filter, results of user profiles bearing 0 to 10% drawdown are displayed.

Minimum weeks active: lets you discover people based on their trading activity and volume levels. 50% weeks active is considered as the lowest activity.

Portfolio: It helps discover people on the basis of their portfolio management. I.e. Trade Size, Allocation, Exposure. Further search on the basis of allocation helps you discover traders on the basis of type of their share whether that share is of stocks, indices, commodities, currencies or people.

Copiers: It aids in discovering people based on their social activity and statistics. 10 to 99 copiers are considered lowest whereas, 500 or more copiers augment your profile significantly.


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