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What is E Trade Tool 360?

EtradeE Trade 360 tool is a very creative and innovative tool to help the traders to create a successful and effective investment strategy. By using this tool its users  can easily access their accounts, positions, watch lists and charts in just one page.It provides very clear and definite information to the investors to make their decisions. This tool is mostly used by the stock investors.Following are the most important features offered by the E Trade 360.

Graphical Accounts view

Graphical accounts view feature creates performance reporting in very creative and useful way.It provides complete detail about the performance of all the investments present in the portfolio.It provides information about the accounts,balances,allocation and the overall performance.

Watch lists

Watch lists is another very innovative feature offered by this tool.It give live updates about the favorite stock selected by the trader.By using this tool trader can easily track the performance of his/her stock and it also help in choosing stock for further investment.

Free Streaming Market Data

Free Streaming market data option is also very useful for the active traders.They can easily get live update about their favorite stocks and also about the whole market.It is a free feature which makes it more valuable for the all kind off customers.

Free Streaming market data option helps the user to stay on top of  investments and the markets in real time with free streaming quotes for all customers.


Portfolios is another extremely important feature of this tool.It helps the user to calculate and measure the total gain and loss on the portfolio.It keeps them updated about the most profitable stocks in their portfolio.Experts advise investors to review their portfolio on weekly basis,so that they can get an clear knowledge about their most stock in their portfolio.

Retirement planning calculator

Retirement planning calculator is awesome feature for the retired people.It helps them to create short and  long term saving plans.It also help them to plan for their future life in advance.By using this feature users can easily track their progress by getting minute by minute report.

Integrated trading

Integrated trading option helps the trader to track and selected more than one securities at one stock exchange.You can directly place your orders from this tool which is a very good for the investor.

Additional features

E Trade 360 tool also offers some additional features which improves the investing experience of the trader at E Trade.The additional feature of this tool includes different types of useful feature such as free money transfer facility and useful account alerts.

In the end we can conclude that effective use  of the above mentioned features can easily bring positive results for the active traders on the E Trade ,as these tool are already tested by the experts.These tools improves the analyzing abilities of the investors,so that they can improve their short term and long term investment gains.

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