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What is E-toro Open book?

etoro-logoeToro is a social investment network that  provides a platform to trade your commodities, currencies, stocks and indices in a simple, easy and above all in an enjoyable way. It was founded in 2007 by siblings named Yoni Assia and Ronen Assia, David Ring also played a big role in its foundation.
eToro guides you with your trade concerns by teaching you some unique business strategies. It also encourages you to realize the risks involved in the world of trade and equips you some useful precautions to minimize the risk significantly. eToro is not compact or local network but a worldwide social trading platform which  allows you to sharpen your trading tools in  between the gathering of thousands of new and experienced merchants in an international market globally.

In 2010 eToro launched its Open Book along with its copy trading feature. It enables the users to view, follow and copy the trading tactics of the network’s top traders automatically. The information available on eToro about their performances guides the novice investors under the mentorship of experts who have sincerely dedicated their talent to make the financial markets more accessible to people by offering a fully integrated solution.

eToro’s another distinctive amenity provides you a demo account  that allows you to trade virtually, this online trade system runs on virtual money and evaluates your gain or loss in dollars. E Toro serves the customers in a more realistic way by which they can allocate any amount to a certain professional investor confidently.

The trade world depends big time on the gambling of trust. Many of the trade related business men complain about being ditched by frauds at least ones in a life time. To prevent such incidents and staying loyal with the slogan of TRUST, eToro displays the real name and photo of the investor who is promoted as a Professional Investor to strengthen the element of reliability.

eToro’s  easy to search tool also contributes positively to the OpenBook. The new tradies, in their early stages can keep it successful by copying the professional investors, but the selection of the right person to revere is like finding a diamond among rocks. Easy to search tool makes it easier by offering you a list of professional investors who have amassed enormous followers and substantial profits in the market. Anyone who is amateur and new in the market can track down the triumph by following the footsteps of these polished market leaders. There are also weekly webcasts, reviews, and daily news to keep you updated with respect to the current statistics.
This trading platform is designed with every possible helping option any trader could ever demand. It is like a semi real world where your trade business can be easily controlled under your fingers. e Toro doesn’t have any long or confusing process to join this highly populated  virtual trade center. By just following some easy registration steps you can count yourself in at e Toro, the leading social investment network world wide.

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