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What is Do Follow link? What is its importance for bloggers?

Do follow linkWhenever we come across search engine optimization, one of the frequently used terms is dofollow links. If you are an amateur who is new to SEO and needs to get familiar with this term, we will help you figure all about dofollow.

Dofollow links allow all the search engines to follow them. This way they can approach our website better and deliver us a back link and lick juice. Now unlike how it happens in nofollow links, both the search engines and human will be able to follow you making you earn online even more.

What needs to be done to deliver dofollow love? The best way to do this is by allowing keyword in the main text. You’ll be using a targeted keyword, when you will be linking to a different website, as anchor text. In fact, from the very start all the hyper links are dofollow which makes it easier for you because now you don’t have to do anything to make a dofollow link yourself.

For your information if your merge dofollow and nofollow together your link will then be considered as ‘nofollow’ according to Google policies.We will be telling you an addition made by Google recently that the nofollow links will be counted as a part of outgoing links. If you nofollow page is at the very bottom it makes the least difference whereas, if you place it at the top it does make a considerable difference and better and easier way to earn online.

Benefits of Do Follow links

Now let’s talk about how dofollow links are important for bloggers.We know how earning online can be difficult for people and thus, we are here to help you guide about the benefits of dofollow to bloggers.

Dofollow links are always preferred over nofollow links because it is tracked by Google bots and link juice is passed on, something that is a must to earn online.

When Google bots are analyzing a website, what they usually try to find external link points to other websites, now  if the link is in fact a dofollow link then all sorts of search engines are going to track the links and this exactly how juice gets passed on.

These links are important in terms of SEO as they are followed by the search engines and the value that is the link juice as it is called is transferred. Here is a tip for bloggers, to get more of ‘dofollow links’ and at the same time try to avoid ‘back links’ which is a major tip on the way to earn online.

We can use dofollow in several ways, like you can refer to a website which has the similar content and websites of high quality, Google blog is an example. You can always link to the original source as only in the case if you have referred content.

So the best choice is to use dofollow links because Google tracks your links and pass domain link value.

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