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What are the benefits of using E trade Pro?

EtradeE Trade Pro is a very creative and innovative trading tool offered by the E Trade.It is a great blessing for the advanced and active traders.It contains one of the most  powerful trading tools.The effective and advanced features make it a very popular tool among the regular user of the website.Following are the most important features provided by the E* Trade Pro tool.


Extended Hours Trading

Extended hour trading is a very important trading tool offered by the E* Trade Pro.It helps the users to place an order even before the start of the formal trading in the stock exchange.It provides investors with a awesome opportunity  to react on the important market news.They can create very effective strategy by using these timely information given by this feature.

Strategy scanner

Strategy scanner is a very powerful and creative feature offered by this trading tool.By using this feature trader can make use of  the latest trading technology in a very effective way. It analysis the existing investment strategy of the investor and provides all the necessary tips to improve it . It guides the users to develop alternative strategies to adopt according to the changing market conditions.The new version of the strategy scanner has all the features to create a successful trading plan for its users.

Sector and Industry tracker

Sector and industry tracker is another very innovative feature offered by the E*Trade Pro.It provides very constructive information about the top performing companies,industries and sectors.It helps the user to design a profitable investment portfolio.Its comprehensive reporting about the profitable shares makes life easy for the active investors.

Streaming News and Watch lists

Streaming news and watch-lists is another innovative feature,which helps the traders to get latest news about their favorite selected shares and also about overall market.By using the watch-lists option,users can easily create lists of their favorite shares and they can also analyze their progress with the passage of time.

Sophisticated Option Tools

Sophisticated option tools help users to devise effective strategies for their investments. This feature provides  professional-grade tools and enhanced options analytic, including a new options screener and options strategy optimizer.These advanced features improves the abilities of the investors to earn maximum returns from their investments.

Powerful technical analysis tool

Powerful technical tool provides very useful information about historical prices of the stock through its charts and graphs.It also provides complete guide about the technical analysis.Experienced and informed investors can easily make use of this feature to carryout technical analysis of their favorite shares.

Live streaming of the CNBC

CNBC is the one of the top business television networks in the world.E Trade Pro provide life streaming of the channel.It aids the investors to get updated and accurate market news,which helps them to create appropriate strategies with reference to the exiting market conditions.

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