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Weekly Review : Karachi stock exchange -100 index lost 52 points amid volatile week

Pakistan Stock Market saw an another volatile week as Karachi stock exchange -100 index lost 52 points during the week.The stock market was mainly influenced by the turmoil in the international stock markets.The news of the FIA investigations also negatively affected the stock market.The index showed some recovery at the end of the week after an increase in the international oil prices.


Karachi stock exchange 100-index started the week at 31001 points and ended the week at 30949 points.The average weekly share trading volume showed a growth of 12.5 % as compared to the last week.The share trading volume is 737.5 million shares this week as compared to the shares trading volume of 657 million shares last week.

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Best Performers of the Week

Cement sector and Oil & Gas sector were the two best performers of the week.The share prices of their top companies kept on rising in-spite of negative trend in the market. If we talk about the Cement sector the share prices of Attock cement, Best way cement and Cherat cement showed a growth of 1.93 % ,0.74 % and 1.10 % during the week.

Oil & Gas sector also showed some growth due to recovery in the international oil prices.The share prices of the Burshane LPG, PSO and Hascole Petroleum showed a considerable growth during the week.The share prices of the Burshane LPG,PSO and Hascole Petroleum rose by 10.37 %,4.67 % and 13.56 % during the week.Foreign investors were still net sellers at the market as they sold net equity of $ 31.7 million during the week.

Following are the top gainers companies of the week.

Top 5 Gainers
Company Rate Turnover*
Open Close Diff High Low Avg.
Island Textile Mills Ltd [5,000,000] 675.00 759.15 84.15 759.15 656.00 681.88 5,250
Nestle Pakistan [453,496,000] 7,449.00 7,500.00 51.00 7,501.10 7,350.00 7,498.35 3,500
Shield Corporation Ltd. [39,000,000] 462.67 507.00 44.33 507.00 485.75 496.38 200
Hino Pak Motors Ltd [124,006,000] 1,087.70 1,129.63 41.93 1,174.01 1,051.00 1,126.90 73,700
Indus Motor Co Ltd [786,000,000] 1,009.39 1,040.00 30.61 1,055.00 972.00 1,034.78 44,700

Market analysts like Arif Habib are expecting an upbeat market activity in next week.The most important reason for their optimism is improving macroeconomic indicators and strong market fundamentals. Investors should look for investing in booming sectors such as banking and cement . The international oil prices will also affect the stock market in upcoming week.Long term investors can also invest in blue chip stocks by adopting buy and hold investment strategy.

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