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Weekly Review : Pakistan Stock Market in Positive again

Pakistan Stock ExchangePakistan stock market saw a positive week as KSE-100 index rose by 573 points during the week.The index started the week at 32876 points and ended the week at 33450 points.The market activity was mainly influenced by the  news of  approval of  10th installment of the IMF loan  and entering of the Pakistan stock market in MSCI Emerging Markets index.


Pakistan stock market started the week at a slow pace as there was no positive news and investors keep themselves at the backseat.The market gained some pace as foreign  investors started buying cement and oil/gas sector stocks.They bought more than $ 4.3 million stocks of the cement sector.The KSE-100 index rose by 570 points during the last three days of the trading week.

Pakistan Stock Exchange

Foreign investors continued with their selling strategy at the Pakistan stock market.They were again net sellers at the market.They sold  net equity of more than $ 9.57 million during the week.The weekly share trading volume showed 24 % rise during the week. The weekly share volume was 700.42 million shares as compared to 451 million shares in the last week.Following were the top gainers and losers companies of the week at the Pakistan stock market.

Top 5 Gainers
Company Rate Turnover*
Open Close Diff High Low Avg.
Nestle Pakistan [453,496,000] 6,700.00 7,000.00 300.00 7,035.00 6,690.00 6,811.04 26,120
Unilever Pakistan Food Limited [61,576,000] 5,300.00 5,523.00 223.00 5,551.00 5,475.00 5,583.12 120
Pakistan Tobacco Co Ltd [2,554,938,000] 1,200.00 1,340.00 140.00 1,340.00 1,140.00 1,238.73 15,160
Bata Pakistan Ltd [75,600,000] 3,360.00 3,450.00 90.00 3,500.00 3,360.00 3,409.24 4,080
Sunrays Textiles Mills Ltd [69,000,000] 361.39 430.00 68.61 430.00 379.45 384.86 500
Top 5  Losers
Company Rate Turnover*
Open Close Diff High Low Avg.
Rafhan Maize Products Ltd [92,364,000] 7,600.00 7,499.00 -101.00 7,499.00 7,155.00 7,391.50 140
Wyeth Pakistan Ltd [142,161,000] 1,690.00 1,635.00 -55.00 1,660.00 1,635.00 1,647.50 40
Murree Brewery Co Ltd [230,530,000] 819.90 770.01 -49.89 818.90 770.00 783.33 75,900
Philip Morris (Pakistan) Limited [615,803,000] 1,809.00 1,783.33 -25.67 1,868.00 1,700.00 1,778.39 2,300
GlaxoSmithKline [3,184,672,000] 235.29 213.76 -21.53 247.89 212.70 237.10 4,684,500

Best Performer of the week

Cement sector was the star performer during the week.Foreign and domestic investors showed a special interest in the sector.The prices of its major stocks rose during the week.The stock prices of Attock cement,Bestway cement and Dewan cement showed phenomenal growth during the week.The share prices of Attock cement,Bestway cement and Dewan cement grew by 5.85 %,4.40 % and 8.62% respectively.

Stock experts are advising investors to take long positions in the  cement sector.It is expected that more investment in the Pakistan-China corridor will further increase the stock prices of the cement sector.This will help investors to reap benefits from their investments.

Future Outlook

Market analysts are expecting a mixed trend at the Pakistan stock market in upcoming week. Market will see some activity as cement and fertilizer sectors are attracting a huge amount of investment.They are expected to play an important role in positively affecting the market growth.Price movement sin the international oil market can really affect the market.

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