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Weekly Karachi Stock Market Report (From Nov 17,2014 to Nov 21,2014)

karachi stock ExchangeKarachi stock market showed an average performance this week , as Karachi Stock Exchange-100 index rose 150 points, mainly due to discount rate decrease and confused political situation. Karachi Stock Exchange-100 index started at 31344 points on Monday and closed at 31494.84 points on Friday. The investors mostly  showed their interest in auto and cement sectors.


Following important news affected the Karachi stock market during the week.

(i) Producers stop oil purchase after ministry closes plants.

(ii) IMF announced to release $1.5 Billion

(iii) Government has decided to issue Sukuks bonds in Mid December

(iv) State Bank has slashed the discount rates to 9.5%

(v) Political tensions are increasing,as PTI has announced political rally in capital on 30th November,2014

karachi stock exchange

Stock market analysts are expecting a mixed trend this week.Political tensions are increasing ,so investors are really cautious about their investments. Market analysts are advising investors to avoid  new buying,as political situation is not so stable.So this means investors must hold their investments and adopt the policy of wait and see till next week .Government has to play its due role in keeping  the political and economic environment stable,so that  investors can reap benefits of their investments in the stock market.

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