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Using Facebook Ads-A good way to earn money online

facebook-adsThere are almost 1.4 billion people around the world who use Facebook .More than 900 million people visit Facebook everyday. So this means that it offers great opportunities for the users to advertise their products. Facebook ads are  very good facility offered by the facebook for the advertisers. You can easily target your favorite audience by using Facebook ads. They can get maximum results by targeting the real people using the facebook. It is a well known fact that, Facebook is one of the most popular social networking sites, and there are millions of facebook users who would want to buy the same item that you want to sell. So Facebook makes it easier for the buyer and seller to communicate with each other. That is why Facebook advertisement can make seller earn money online in an effective way possible.

We will give you the best overview of Facebook advertisement and this article will explain about the reliability of the facebook ads. It will also explain that how much it cost to the advertiser. Facebook advertisement is easy to understand and make use of. With Facebook advertisement you can help people to get direction to your shop, download your app or maybe do something else on your website. Facebook does not only inform you how your ads are doing but also how your budget is being spent. There is an app named “Adverts manager app” to guide newbie advertisers about complete process of Facebook ads.

Want to earn money online? This is how you start. Because Facebook makes you meet people who will absolutely love your business and in turn you earn money online. So now we’ll tell you step wise, how you can use Facebook as a platform to promote your business.

1. To get started you will have to access you free Facebook page

2. You will then tell Facebook what you really want to promote.

3. You can choose the sort of audience for your Facebook advertisements

4. Set a budget that suits you!

5. Lastly you will have to track the result to see how helpful the advertisement really is.

We would like to stress upon the 4th step, to get you a bit of detail on the fee structure of the facebook ads. You are always in control of your budget and how much you will spend on the advertisements. The money you spend on Facebook advertisement depends on how many people you want your advertisement to be seen by and for how long. They will never charge more amount than you have initially chosen, how great is that?

When time span of your advertisement ends, Facebook stops showing your advertisement.  Advertiser can also change his/her budget or pause to where it was. If he/she thinks that an ad is performing well and he/she is able to earn money online then advertiser can extend the budget of the advertisement.

If you want to pay a specific amount per day, lets say 100 Rs, so then you can choose ‘per day’ option in your budget. Your daily budget resets at midnight. Moreover, you can also fix a certain amount of lifetime budge for your advertisement. For your convenience Facebook has given you an option of putting a spending limit on your account, so you never exceed your budget.  The advertisements start from as low as 100 Rs. So Facebook advertisements basically fit any budget you want them to fit in.


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