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Top ways to bring Targeted traffic to your blog



Fiverr Now-a-days it is not difficult to make money while sitting in your homes. All you need is just a PC and internet connection in your homes. You can earn money by blogging. A blog or a weblog is a discussion or informational site. It is published on the World Wide Web and consisting of discrete entries or posts. These entries or posts are typically displayed in reverse chronological order. It means that the most recent post comes first. To maintain your blog and to bring targeted traffic to your blog is a difficult task.

Following are some of the ways to bring targeted traffic for your blog.

  1. Content:

Before you go out telling people about your site, you have to get it in order first. It means you have to write at least five great posts, may be even more. This doesn’t need to be hard. Neither should it be something you procrastinate on for months. Just do your best and go from there.

It’s not about perfection, it’s about results, and you won’t get any if you don’t take action. The Action plan might include:

  • Find the pain points of your audience by browsing forums, blogs and being observant
  • Write five great posts to welcome new visitors
  • Write backup posts for the days when you are not in the mood to write


  1. Commenting:

After you fill your blog with awesome articles, look for blogs related to your job. Even the people who are remotely interested in whatever you write could make your blog well.

The amount of blogs you comment on is totally up to you. In order to make your comments excellent, do the opposite of everyone else. If you see everyone leaving “great post!” comments, leave one that is long and valuable.

Its plan of action includes the following steps:

  • Subscribe to as many blogs you feel you can read
  • Whenever a new post is published simply leave a high-quality comment
  • Delight the blog owner as well as the readers with your comments


  1. Article marketing:

There’s no secret formula. Neither is it a hell lot of work. The more you do the more traffic you get. Just test what works for you, and eliminate the rest.

Simply do the following things to attract more traffic to your blog.

  • Write as many 300-400 words of article per day as you can
  • Submit these articles to EzineArticles
  • Write attractive headlines
  • Write a compelling resource box


  1. Connecting:

Connect with other bloggers and people as soon as possible. This is however a time consuming task. Just start with a simple social media network. Simply start with Twitter. Avoid using Facebook and other complex social media networks.

Simply follow the following procedure to connect to other social media networks and to engage more and more traffic to your blog.

  • Sign-up with Twitter account
  • Download TweetDeck
  • Start following your favorite people or bloggers
  • Tweet valuable links, tips and advice
  • Keep self-promotion to less than 1 tweet out of 10


  1. Guest blogging:

It’s almost similar to article marketing, but instead of submitting your article to an article directory such as to EzineArticles just submit it to a blog. If it gets approved, you will get a blog post with byline, which means links and traffic for you.

Follow these simple rules:

  • Find a few small blogs in your niche
  • Send them three relevant articles
  • Be nice, short and clear in your initial e-mail





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