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Top 7 investing instruments available on E Trade

EtradeE Trade offers wide range of investment options,which provides a  great opportunity to the investors to earn good amount of income from their investments.It make the website very useful for the traders.Following are the five most important investment instruments available on the E Trade.


Stock & Options trade

Stocks allows the investors to purchase and sell shares of the private and public limited traded companies.These types of the investment are best for the growth and values investors,who want to earn good amount of profit from their investments.They are also good for people who want to earn a part time or long term income through investing in dividends.inc.

Option trading is a perfect for the advance investors,who have extensive knowledge of the trading world.It is  a very good way of hedging your risk and also to earn significant income form your investments. By using the option trading a trader can buy and sell a security on a decided price for a fixed period.

Following are the Transaction fees details of the Stocks and Options trades

Stock & Options Trades*
Pricing 150+ Trades/QTR 0-149 Trades/QTR
Stock & Options Trades $7.99 $9.99
Simple Options (options contract fee per contract) $7.99 plus $0.75a $9.99 plus $0.75a
Options Contract Fee $0.75a $0.75a
Complex Options
(options contract fee per contract in all legs)
$7.99 plus $0.75a $9.99 plus $0.75a
(options contract/contract)
$7.99 plus $7.99
plus $0.75a
$9.99 plus $9.99
plus $0.75a



ETFs (Exchange Traded fund)

Exchange traded funds are traded at different exchanges,a they are tracked by different indexes.It is  a perfect tool  for the risk averse investors to diversify their portfolios.Following are the Transaction fees details of the Exchange Traded Fund.

Exchange Traded Funds (ETFs)*
ETFs $7.99 $9.99
Commission-Free ETFs $0 $0


Mutual funds

Mutual fund are perfect for h risk averse investors,who want to diversify their portfolios to minimize risks.This type of investment offers thousands of investment funds with huge pool of securities.It is true that they charge extra fees from the traders,but these investments are professionally manged by the mutual fund companies.Following are the Transaction fees details of the Mutual Funds.

Mutual Funds
No-load, no-transaction-fee funds4 $0
Transaction-fee funds $19.99
Load funds See prospectus for amount of load
Broker-assisted trades $25 plus the applicable commission
Early withdrawals taken before age 59½ (premature distributions) This fee applies if you take an early withdrawal of funds before the age of 59½, including removing money for a first-time home purchase, medical expenses, and education expenses. $25
Excess contribution removal This fee applies if you have deposited too much money into the account and need to withdraw the excess funds. $25
Recharacterizations This fee applies when you change a contribution (that you’ve already made) from a Roth IRA to a traditional IRA (or vice versa), or when you change a Roth IRA conversion back to a traditional IRA. $25



Bonds are ideal type of investment for the risk averse investors.It offer fixed amount of income for its investors.Nowadays bonds are mostly used by the retired people,who want a fixed income to spend their retired life peacefully and easily.Following are the Transaction fees details of the Bonds

US Treasury Auction $0
US Treasury Secondary Trades Online $0
Online Secondary Trades* $1 per bond (minimum $10, maximum $250)
Rep Assisted Trades Online secondary pricing plus $20 commission
Through Investment Product Specialists Net yield basis
New Issues (except Treasury Auction) Offering price includes a selling concession


International investing

E Trade also offers the opportunity to invest in the international stocks,mutual funds,ETFs and bonds markets.It is a risky option but offers  a huge opportunity to take advantage of the investments traded in the emerging markets.Following are the Transaction fees details of the International Investing

Global Trading: Global Trading Commissions*
Market Canada (CAD) FRANCE (EUR) GERMANY (EUR) Hong Kong (HKO) Japan (JPY) UK (GBP)
Online Stock Trades 19.99 19.99 19.99 299.99 3399.99 9.99
Broker-Assisted Stock Trades (added to applicable online commission) 55.00 55.00 55.00 350.00 5500.00 25.00

*Global Trading commissions are charged to your Global Trading account in local currency, based on the market in which the trade was placed. Additional fees will apply to trades placed in the Hong Kong and UK markets, as shown in the table below.

Additional Global Trading Fees*


Hong Kong

United Kingdom

Stamp Duty

Principal x 0.1%, rounded to the next-highest HKD

Principal x 0.5% (buys only)

Other Fees

Trading Fee – <class=”normal-weight”>Principal x 0.005%

Transaction Levy – Principal x 0.004%

CCASS Settlement Fee – Principal x 0.002% (minimum HKD 2.00; maximum HKD 100.00)

PTM Levy – GBP 1.00 per order (only if executed principal amount



Futures are best for the risk taking traders,who are always ready to take risks to earn gains.They are also very good investment option to hedge your future risks. Advanced and growth investors really like these types of investments.

Futures Contract Commission $2.99 per contract, per side + fees*


Forex Trading

Forex trading is an amazing opportunity for the risk taking traders to generate huge amount of income at the E Trade.It is the largest trading market in the world.

Forex Trading Commissions $0.00 per trade6



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