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Top 6 benefits of trading with E trade

EtradeE trade Corporation is a US based company,which  provides financial services to the Forex and stock investors.It was founded by William A Porter in the year 1982.It started its online brokerage services in the year 2001. Currently it is employing more than 3000 people and it has generated net income of $86 Million in the year 2013.

E Trade is quite popular among online stock traders, due to its easy to use interface.We have compiled a list of most important benefits of investing with E trade.

Competitive Prices

E trade is offering most competitive rates as compared to other online brokerage companies.It has very low margin rates and provides one of the most powerful online tools.It charge zero fees for providing account maintenance and transaction services.It offers 80 free ETFs  and  charges only 75 cents for options contracts.It also offers free research and streaming quotes for active investors.

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