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Top 5 Word press Plugins to increase Page views and to make your blogging more profitable

bloggingWordPress plugins are the bits of software installed to expand the usability and functionality of your wordpress website.  Page views are the most significant parameter to identify the success while blogging. There are several ways to increase the page views. The traffic your blog carries is directly proportional to the underlying content and the wordpress plugins dutifully serve the purpose of increasing page views. Anyway, more page views equate more money and makes your blogging experience  more profitable for you!

Besides increasing the page views, another great advantage of taking up wordpress plugins is, they lessen the bounce rate, which is somehow related to the increase in page views and is one of the most important decisive factors to rank a blog high in search results. Most of the new wordpress blogs and websites are making extensive use of this scheme to steer huge size of traffic. So let’s travel around some of the premium plugins available for WordPress which help increasing page views while blogging.

All of the wordpress plugins listed underneath really persuade visitors to stay on your page longer than they would stay on your page otherwise. Most modern plugins currently employed to augment page views are:

  • Yet Another Related Post Plugin (YARPP)
  • Popular Posts
  • Most Commented
  • Post Teaser
  • upPrev

Let’s discuss all of them one by one.

Yet Another Related Post Plugin (YARPP):

Yet Another Related Posts Plugin (YARPP) shows pages, posts, and custom post types somehow associated to the existing entry, helping your visitors to get acquainted with other relevant stuff on your page. This WordPress Plugin itself creates a directory of similar posts for each new post that you make public on your blog. The list becomes visible at the end of each new post. It logically proves that someone who likes a post on your blog is expected to be attracted towards posts of its kind, so this WordPress plugin is a guaranteed tool to increase page views on your blog.

Popular Posts:

WordPress Popular Posts is a extremely customizable tool that shows the most well-liked posts on your blog. Popular Posts plugin works in juxtaposition with the WP-Stats Plugin and lets you exhibit a list of the most viewed content on your blog. It is supposed that the visitors will take a look of the list, think what made those posts so motivating to folks, and click on the links to read the posts and hence increasing your blog’s pageviews.

Most Commented:

This plugin displays a simple and clear-cut tool with a list of the most commented posts. This lets you present a list of the posts on your blog that have long comments threads. It is hypothesized that people will be more attracted towards going through the posts that contain a lot of discussion hence increasing the page views of your blog.

Post Teaser:

Post Teaser produces a summary, abstract or teaser of a post for the main, archive and category pages, by automatically pruning the posts and providing with a link given at the bottom to go to the full post. It includes attributes of creating word count, image count, and a probable reading time.


upPrev plugin is used to show cool animated flyout or fade box along with the relevant content. upPrev comes up with extremely customizable features and inherent settings to increase your blog views miraculously.

About this plugin I have got a lot to say but I want you to explore its astounding features yourself while blogging.

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