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Top 5 Websites to Monitor Gold Prices in Pakistan

Gold is a sought after item not only in Pakistan but all around the globe since it’s one of the precious elements. Gold prices in Pakistan vary on daily basis owing to the value attached with this metal. Though in the past Gold prices were not influenced by their prices in other countries. But now with the advent of mutual trade, integrated banking system and interdependent economies, Gold is in the limelight. So, now Gold prices in Pakistan and their rates in Pakistan are dependent on international fall/rise in the Gold prices.

Another important factor that plays an important role in determining the daily rate/Gold prices in Pakistan is Pakistan rupee-dollar rate. Invariable rise in the Gold prices in Pakistan is observed whenever the rupee falls and vice versa. But, generally Gold prices are also influenced by supply and demand in Pakistan.

The main factors contributing towards change in Gold price are as follows:

  • Current Events
  • Market Speculation
  • Currency Values
  • Supply & Demand
  • Buying Power

Talking about keeping track of the Gold price and rate on daily basis, there are various websites that are contributing towards providing quality information regarding the updated rates. Some of which are as follows:

  1. goldrates.pk

Gold rates give us an insight of the gold rates in major cities of Pakistan. Also, the date and time of updation is mentioned to ensure that the information provided is up-to-date.


  1. pmex.com.pk

With the provision of first real time platform, updated Gold prices and rates can be easily viewed by public and investors. Also, by utilizing their PMEX gold contract service, delivery of physical gold is possible.


  1. http://goldpricenetwork.com

Whether you need information regarding Gold price in PKR per ounce, or gram or kgs and in different carats, Gold price network gives the updated report using the platform “Gold price in Pakistan in Pakistani Rupee (PKR)”. Prices are updated every 15 minutes on the basis of the latest price from NYSE COMEX. This website not only provides you with the daily updated rates & gold prices, but also with the history of Gold prices in Pakistan making it possible for anyone to keep track of the recent event and statistics free of cost.


  1. gold.rates.com.pk:

If someone wants to see the prices of smaller units like tola, masha in major cities of Pakistan, then gold.rates.com.pk is the best. Not only it gives public access to the rates of gold in smaller units, it also let you see the probable rise/fall in the price of gold/platinum gold in international market via graphical representations.


  1. goldratepakistan.today

This website provides the information in the form of chart for the updated Gold rates in Pakistan. Also, there’s a separate section for the rate in each market. Also, the section on frequently asked questions clears the confusion and provides information that you might not see on any other platform making it one of the best in Pakistan for the updated rates.





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