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Top 5 websites to earn money by just sending or receiving messages

SMS-Marketing-Software-for-SaleIn these times of ever escalating expenses , each of us would like our income to expand , in direct proportion to the expenses. Therefore evidently no one would refuse an avenue which adds some amount to your budget , with little effort on your part. Although SMS marketing is a new trend , yet it has grown rampantly popular. Now all you have to do is send and receive messages or refer these sites , and you will successfully generate a little income for yourselves. However all such websites cannot be trusted , as many of them do not have enough advertisers or do not pay for the work. Following are some reliable websites which are trustworthy and through which you can actually earn money online.


This is a reliable site and has a good history of paying their customers on time. You can witness this yourself through the positive feedbacks they have received. When you join , you specify the number of messages you want to receive in a day , as well as your convenient time slot when you can easily receive those messages. You can also earn money online by referring these sites. Inviting friends to these sites is pretty easy. You can invite them via messenger , Gtalk , e-mails or other social media sites. Click on the following link to join mGinger.


Paisalive is supported by a multitude of big brand advertisers. They pay you for signing up , promotional emails as well as every referral. However the key to earn money online from this site is to work regularly and refer many people. You can check it out by clicking on the following link.



This is a remarkable website because it offers you to see the advertisements of your own interest .You can also witness positive news , predict the Nifty , play the quiz and get paid every day. They pay you on joining and on every referral. You can consult the FAQs to understand the concept better. Furthermore , you can also visit their home page for further details.



This is an international concept , which is backed by international investors and their team has worked with almost 400 mobile network operators across the globe. You can earn money online via several avenues such as by sending free messages , by receiving promotional messages , by growing your network and by YouMint cash offers. You can check on the following link to join YouMint.



Rupeemail is another one of these sites which pays you on receiving the advertisement messages. This is a message in an electronic envelope delivered in an email. You get money for opening each mail. You can also refer people and earn money online through each referral. For more details click on the link below.


Join any of these sites mentioned above and start making money. Although the amount may seem apparently less but with so little effort on your part, this is definitely worth it. Experience a happy SMS marketing jaunt.



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