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Top 5 websites to earn money by just listening music

There are various ways to increase your online earnings, but earning money while listening your favorite music is very exciting an interesting way to improve your online earnings. There are lots of online earning websites  available ,who offer good amount of payout for just  listening music . Following is  the list of top 5 websites ,who offer good payouts for just listening music.
1. SlicethePie
This website is for the people living in the US and Europe. They can easily create an account in this website and can start earning instant money while listening to music online. The online music service is available 24/7. After listening to the music for about 90 seconds you can write a short review about the music and earn money. The rates for each song are 15 cents. You can only withdraw your payment when it reaches 10 dollars. You must have PayPal account to withdraw your  money .

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