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Top 5 websites offering Micro jobs

introooooTechnology has made it easier to earn while sitting in your homes. All you need is just a PC and internet connection in your home. There are a lot of ways to earn online. To earn online there are a variety of online jobs. Some of them are named as micro jobs. Micro jobs are basically small jobs or tasks that can be completed within a few hours or days. Once you’ve finished doing your job, you get paid for it and the contract terminates. Thereafter you’re free to apply more and get more such jobs. Students, housewives and bed-ridden people can easily earn online via micro jobs.

Following are some of the top 5 micro jobs websites which will help you earn online.

1 Zeerk.com

Zeerk.com is an exciting micro jobs website to earn online. It offers a variety of jobs to freelancers. On this website, the freelancers can sell their services from 2$ to $100. Zeerk takes money from the companies and individuals who wish to get their work done. Companies can select a freelancer whom they would like to do the job. The procedure of payment is that the Zeerk pays to freelancer only after the company is satisfied from the work of the freelancers. The website has a number of facilities for freelancers to find, track and submit their work.


  1. Click worker

Another exciting and amazing website that provides you part-time jobs to earn online is ClickWorker. Works of data entry, translation and writing articles is included in this site. A distinguishing feature about this site is that it is available in English, German and Polish languages. You can easily register on this website for free. Then you can apply for getting micro-tasks like text creation, online research, tagging data, editing and data categorization.

ClickWorker has more than 300,000 registered users, and they are taking jobs and getting paid. They pay in US dollars and Euros and also make payments by bank transfer or through PayPal account.


  1. Fiverr.com

It is the most popular micro jobs site. You could have jobs like computer programming related like software development, web development.It offers microjobs of $5. There are also content related jobs (like writing, proof-reading, editing etc). Fiverr has a largest marketplace of microjobs. Fiverr pays through PayPal.


  1. UserTesting.com

There are developers of websites and mobile apps who keep on looking for real users. These users are those who can give them 100% genuine feedback on various aspects of their products. One such website is UserTesting. It offers you opportunities to test websites and mobile apps. You can earn online through such testing campaigns and earn handsome amount of money. A typical test campaign will take 30-40 minutes and you can easily make $10 to $20 for each of such assignments. It pays through PayPal after completion of the assignment.

  1. Amazon Mechanical Turk

This website is also known as MTurk. It is owned by Amazon. They offer small jobs and tasks like conducting online surveys, writing comments on blogs, transcription jobs, giving captions to photos, editing and writing jobs, keyword searches etc.

On Amazon Mechanical Turk, micro jobs are called as “Human Intelligence Tasks”(HIT). You can browse through available HITs and select the once that you’re interested in. While browsing HITs, you’ll also see how much time you will have to complete the job and how much payment will be made after task is done.Payment is done through Amazon gift cards.



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