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Top 5 best websites for Affiliate bloggers

clickKnowing the top websites for Affiliate Associate Blogging saves a lot of time plus the headache. The affiliate commissions vary from 2 percent to 90 percent which means there are also bigger opportunities available if you are good in marketing. Following are a few top websites given below.

  1. Click Bank considered being the King of the affiliate marketing. Click bank is one of the respected affiliate website with almost $1.5 Billion in commissions paid. This network deals with digital products which are sold in a better way on the Internet, including the high payout rate. You are just one click away in order to promote more than 10,000 different products. All you need is just a sign up formality.
  2. Share Sale is the other top network for the affiliate associate blogging. It is known as a top marketing network. It comes up with top offers affiliates. This network is one of the top networks in the world of marketing and is known for its great reputation in the world of affiliate associate blogging. A lot of famous banners and links you see out there are a part of Share Sale’s affiliate associate blogger.
  3.  Commission Junction is the first known major affiliate associate blogging network that has the best reputation from almost 10 years. It truly consists of a gigantic list of products from a variety of group of famous advertisers. A simple sign up is all you need and you get registered. After that you can apply to the merchants separately in order to make them sure that you have the ability to advertise their products and services.
  4. Amazon is a name that everyone must have heard. The powerful Amazon associate is something that let you market everything in a very simple and easy way. Though, the commission on per sale are still very less. But the network is available with all the necessary marketing tools. The low commissions are balanced by the trust and awareness amazon has built.
  5. Pay Dotcom operates like Click bank. It gives you a feel that you are dealing with Click Bank. Pay Dotcom have a less amount of fee for merchants as compared to the click bank. They consist of digital products mostly but they also deal with some physical affiliate products. Pay Dotcom is a new network but it is a powerful network that offers so many features to the blogger. There are so many advertisers who deal with their own product. The good feature of Pay dotcom is that their sites go through a test to sell very well.

There are so many other networks available as well. The other top websites for affiliate associate blogging includes Trade Doubler, Link Share, and Google Affiliate Network, eBay Partner Network etc. even after knowing so many top websites for affiliate associate blogging; you have to select one of them. The main focus and match should be on the traffic of the website with the compatibility of the products.

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