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Top 5 ways to search for your online competitors

FiverrWhether you are an owner of a small website /blog or an owner of an international website, you should have adequate information about your online competitors.  Before searching for your competitors,you have  to select   your keywords. Once you have created and selected your keywords, you can easily search for your  competitors.


There are many ways to find your online competitors by using useful online research tools.  There are some very useful tools that will help you to search for your online competitors. Following are some of the top five tools/ways to research your online competitors.
1.  SpyFu
This is a paid service. It charges Per month fees of $79. It will let you keep an eye on your competitor’s AdWords and keywords. SpyFu really lets you dig deep. It will allow you to see what really worked and what didn’t for your competitor. You can easily avoid the mistakes of your competitors  made when you can trace the steps of your competitors.

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