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Top 5 ways to promote your blog through Article marketing

article-marketing-tipsArticle marketing is a website promotion and Internet marketing tool that involves posting articles you have written or that have been written for you on one or more article syndication sites on the Internet. Others may then republish your articles on their website or blog, resulting in spreading the word about the subject matter of your article.

Audio and video have become popular among a number of Internet marketers because they are easy and inexpensive to make. Yet article marketing is still the force that drives search engines. That’s because articles contain content that the search engines can actively find, log, and rank.


When done properly, article marketing can be a highly effective, yet inexpensive means of promoting your home business.

1. Outline your article

Writing article requires a specific purpose. Therefore one should write it down it very carefully. There are two forms in which it is written down:

(a)   Keyword-stuffed articles: this kind of article is filled with the key words i.e. the words that are mostly used in the article. These key words are main cause of getting your article to be mostly read.

(b)   Content rich articles: they are mostly concentrating over the content of the article. The focus is on the main theme and the information relevant to the topic. It is written in such a manner that the reader is not having a problem in focusing on the information throughout the article.

Nowadays, the whole idea is about getting information and getting it all in time. That is to say, content rich articles are mostly read because they are informative and not time wasting and reader is looking for exactly the same element of information. Whereas keyword stuffed articles are focusing on the word intensity.

2: Watch your article Length:

The length of the article is an important point to nail down. Do not make it too lengthy that the reader gets bored or not too short that the reader gets amazed with the ending of it so quickly. The importance is given to the reader’s interest here.  The best articles have a word count between 400 and 1,000 words.

3: creating links and backlinks:

Every effective article for marketing purposes will have back links that lead the reader to the main page or sales page. Inserting these links is a delicate balancing act if you use article submission sites such as Squidoo.com or EzineArticles.com, for instance. These submission sites do not permit direct selling and only allow links to informative pages, not to sales pages.

4: Make Sure You Offer Useful, Actionable Advice:

The best articles use strong opening lines. In the first sentence of any article, a question that the reader has must be addressed. This narrows the focus of the article and lets the reader know that they have found the right content to read. Once you have set the tone of the article, the main body is where you offer instruction, advice, opinions, or other pertinent information. The writer must conduct enough research in order to compose a targeted and specific article rich with useful, actionable information and advice. Anything short of that and it becomes nothing more than fluff.

5: Publishing On The Web:

Articles that are never found by the search engines are about as useful as one sitting on your home computer. Marketing is about getting content in front of the public. Article submission sites, such as those mentioned, are one of the most powerful tools that businesses can use. Most of these article submission sites offer free services, but you have to wait longer for approval. Paid services offer faster turnaround times as well as some other benefits, such as increased exposure to the search engines.

6: Using the right keywords:

Not only does the author need to concentrate on content, but he also needs to incorporate keywords or keyword phrases appropriately so that the major search engines can rank it appropriately. Keyword phrases refine any search and when you have content rich articles and a keyword density between 2-3%,then your article marketing campaign will be a powerful tool for your business.

The entire process takes time to master. The more you market with articles, the more exposure you will receive.

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