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Top 5 tips to retain the blog traffic

i_love_blogging1Every publisher has two main goals, one is to attract maximum traffic to his/her blog and second is to keep the traffic on your blog or site long enough take will take an action and will generate the revenue. There are hundreds of strategies available to generate traffic to the blog, but the hardest thing is to make this traffic your regular visitors and to convert the reader into regular visitor. Here is top five techniques use by the top publications for content and reader engagement. These top five tips help the publisher to bring the reader back at the blog.

  1. Make sure the content on the page satisfies the headlines in a variety of ways

The content of the page should be related to the heading of the content. If any reader saw a topic to your blog and got excited by finding his desired topic and after clicking on the heading he felt ripped from the destination because you did not make delivery of the promised content. He will never get back into your blog and even will not click on any link you posted there. There are many related content widgets who sensationalize the content with the related images and thumbnail titles just to grab the eyes of the reader, but the content may not a full representative of the heading the reader lands on. When the reader will face such situation on your blog, he will never come into your blog again. The publisher should make sure that the content is full time representative of the heading because reader expects this.

  1. Use a strong internal linking structure that helps reader find related content

This is an attractive strategy to retain the reader on your blog. The publisher can use the internals links f the related topics. For examples when a reader enters into your blog and started reading your content, if you have posted internals related content licks, he will surely click on those links and similarly again internals links briefly related to the content will keep the reader at the blog and he will visit your site again for next desired content. Readers always prefer the blog from where he gets the help in related detailed links. In this way you will also act as a leadership because you will guide your reader through the link posting and will enforce reader to open and read the next related links. Hence, the more the related content you mix in, the more will be the leadership engagement.

  1. Email subscriptions and news alters

This is an attractive and easy way to retain blog traffic. Once the reader enters into your blog, post there the box of email subscription and update reader about the next related content you posted. Send weekly newsletters to the subscribers of your new content inboxes the link of the content to the reader, because by clicking on the link it will be a direct way for the reader to enter and find directly find his desired content. It will be a great reminder that how best and awesome your blog is.

  1. Use social channels for  advertising your blog

Follow your fans and find them everywhere and update them with the new and latest content you posted. One can join fans on Twitter; LinkedIn etc. This will also create new fans and will also keep and update your old fans. Whenever you have prompted your blog update the fans and reader.

  1. Keep content relevant to your targeted readers

The reader will be back again and again at your blog if you will provide them their desired and relevant content. Your fans and readers will stop coming back if they find that they have to dig or search other pages of the site which are not related to their needs. Make sure that your content is also relevant to the fans and your targeted reader and is also best for new readers.

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