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Top 5 tips to become a successful academic writer

academicTo become a good and successful academic writer, primarily you need to understand what academic writing is all about.  The two core values lying behind academic writing are to reproduce your own opinions instead of reproducing those of others. You need to rely upon your good ideas and make those ideas the center of your writing. Furthermore, you need to remember that good academic writing is a never ending cycle of writing, drafting, researching, citing, re-writing, re-drafting, proofing, editing, re-writing, etc. Following are top 5 basic tips which will help you to become a successful academic writer.


  1.  Having a clear, concise and well-constructed language.


You may have an impression that prolific writers have an innate talent. This might be partially true but the truth is that all good writers have their strategies figured out and then they persevere in these strategies. Academic writers have to adopt a strong rhetoric. Moreover they have to strictly follow some rules for putting across their work in an effective manner. If your work is legible and coherent, only then will it bring credence to your name.  Your writing should be grammatically correct and should be framed in such a manner that it appropriately conveys the meaning of the text to the reader. You need to proofread the paper meticulously for typos, spelling mistakes and grammatical errors as they leave a bad impression. Colloquial phrases, run-on sentences, contractions, digression from the topic and extreme verbosity in language should be avoided at all costs.


  1. Construction of a veritable content


You should not include baseless and unverified content. The content should be well-founded and steeped in established facts. Proper citations and correct statistical numbers portray your empirical research and leave behind a good impression. Moreover these also keep controversies at bay.


  1. Keeping away from plagiarism


Plagiarism is an evil which should be nipped in its bud. It can stealthily take over your ideas and doom your future. Therefore you have to be extra cautious regarding this enemy. Plagiarism can have serious consequences for you in the future as it overshadows the writer’s credibility. Plagiarism is a serious offence which can result in expulsion and can jeopardize your professional stature. Therefore if you want to become a successful academic writer, make sure that you effectively document the sources of words, ideas and images.


  1. Avoid Excessive Quoting


Word-to-word quoting ought to be avoided as much as possible. Although it is allowed in certain situations but over-quoting can make your content have a borrowed appearance. You will lose your original essence in your writing and naturally it gives a bad impression to the reader. Thus, try to be as original as possible without borrowing words from others.


  1. Take extra care in writing your thesis statement and in concluding your document.


Thesis statement is your first impression and it is rightfully said that first impression is the last impression. Therefore make sure that your thesis statement properly conveys the theme of your paper and the essence of your writing in a coherent and concise manner. Moreover concluding your writing also plays a potent role. At the end of your writing, give a brief gist of every idea that you discussed in the paper, but make sure that you do not write any point which you haven’t formerly discussed in the paper.


Academic writing is a game of words. But along with words, you have to have a logical progression of ideas, a judicious use of sources, strategic and correct use of citations, clear and direct writing and a consistent tone and style. Following these tips will certainly help you to reach the zenith of academic achievement.

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