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Top 5 tips to avoid penny stock scams

PennyStocksThe inducements of penny stocks are multitude. It’s inflexible to oppose a cheap stock particularly a sub-penny for the stock traders, whose importance is just a tiny part of a cent. Loading positive on a few hundred thousand shares seems to be striking on your account report and grasp out the assurance of gigantic profits if the company thrives. Unluckily, nearly all penny stocks will maintain their position but there are new scams than lawful prospects in this bend of the investment globe. This is an important point to ponder for the penny stock traders. Although Penny stocks may noise tempting to immature stock traders & investors who don’t have the cash to trade hundreds of dollars for only share of high-priced sapphire stocks like Google. Penny stocks are not operated on a major exchange like NASDAQ or New York Stock Exchange instead they are traded over-the-counter. Penny stocks are striking to some investors because of the huge prospective of gaining revenues but at the identically they are risky gambles as well. There are some of the tips, which I think can avoid all of the readers from penny stock scams.


  1. Don’t set off on Volume

Volume is the figure of shares traded in a stock over a certain period of time. Sky-scraping volume is not essentially a constructive signal that a penny stock will go out of bed in the price. Very little volume can create it difficult to trade shares at a desirable price but towering volume isn’t a good symptom either. Focus should be on abrupt boost in daily or weekly quantity since it can show a current or awaiting change in the company’s fate. Penny stocks trade on unregulated over-the-counter exchanges which greatly trim down their quantity as compared to the major exchange.

  1. Catalysts spotlight

A catalyst is any incident expected to have a key collision reaction about a stock & its price. A catalyst can be in result of a profitable contract, safe financing, hiring a new executive or winning a victorious court verdict. Typically it is unattainable to know whether a catalyst will be positive or negative for the company. Nevertheless, knowing in proceed of its subsistence allows you to play the chances of a positive effect. This is without departure of your money in the stock for an undue time. Stocks lacking potential catalysts are less liable to increase radically in price on their own. There are two kind of companies scheduled among the penny stocks. One is startups which are gazing to hoist the capital and further are in a few brand of anguish typically financial.

  1. Due Assiduousness

If you come across a possible venture, do research about the company by going to an unbiased financial resource (CNN Money, MSN Money & CNBC are some of the first-class sources) for information on the record and income of the company. Look for a balance sheet & income statement, if the company doesn’t fabricate them then be cautious. Lacking of this information means you are chasing the buzz & the optimism to be champion but it may be nothing more than a small amount of names & statistics on a paper and in the end it is a scam.

  1. Ignore Celebrities say on Penny Stocks

You must not spotlight on the point of considering the reading and scrutinizing the success of a penny stock as there are effects that could be molded as to the requirements. Using celebrities is another card, as it is just paying someone to publicize their stocks. Very famous Rapper 50 Cent was paid to gossip up a penny stock on Twitter now that is clearly a loud message and a big caution sign.

  1. Newsletters & Email Alerts

The internet is well contaminated by stock scams throughout newsletters & email alerts twisted by stock promoters. By subscribing to it you will be benefiting the companies and penny stock promoters. As a result their advice is not upright and escorts you to a sandstorm. The finest resource for free advices and stock guidelines are legal books, magazines, newsletters and financial information in the community library.


The above mentioned are the top 5 most important tips regarding penny stocks & their scams, according to me as I feel that reading these will definitely help out the stock traders & also would be fruitful for existing penny stock traders. The ranks of the above tips are mentioned in the terms of importance it has. Penny stocks are not that much bad thing to look for but the inside story is that stock traders need to look it carefully

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