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Top 5 tips for selecting the perfect theme for your blog


blogBesides other factors, when it comes to creating your own blog, it is important that you focus on selecting the best theme for it. The theme determines the actual design and layout of your blog and helps attract people or bring more traffic to it.

Today, there are hundreds and thousands of attractive themes available on the web for you to choose from. But the problem is how can you know which theme would be the perfect one? Given below are some useful tips which can help you while deciding for a perfect blog theme:


  1. Select a theme that is related to your niche

The first most important tip that you must consider is that your blog theme should be related to your niche. In other words, you should always select a theme that is related to your industry or business which you deal in. For example, if your blog is about technology then you won’t choose a theme that is about sports. Or, let’s say, if you have an education blog, then you would be more interested in selecting a theme that is related to students, colleges and universities rather than going for a theme that is about gadgets. Thus, always choose a theme that matches your business.


  1. Opt for attractive, eye-catchy design

Remember to choose an attractive theme that instantly catches the eyes of the visitors as soon as they visit your blog. Keeping a good, eye-catching design is important because when visitors arrive at your blog, they’re interested to explore your blog further. An attractive theme means one which is unique and not applied by many bloggers. You can get such a theme by hiring a web designer or by searching the web. It is best to have your own customized theme as a number of bloggers use similar themes across the Internet.


  1. Download your theme from a reliable source

Always make sure that you download your blog theme from a trusted and reliable source. Since there are a number of people on the Internet who provide false themes and can leave abusive codes in your theme’s source, it is important to use an authentic source for downloading your blog’s theme. The fake theme providers can make your blog prone to online threats. Also, when you purchase a theme you should make sure that you’re aware of the terms and conditions of your theme provider.


  1. Ensure browser compatibility

Another tip to consider is to make sure to select a theme that is compatible with all Internet browsers. Some themes are totally changed when you open them in a previous version of a web browser. And some themes don’t allow complete access with some particular browsers. Hence, browser compatibility is important when selecting the perfect theme for your blog.


  1. Avoid using themes with heavy graphics

Keep your theme as simple and light as possible because it becomes difficult to scroll if the theme is loaded with heavy graphics and images. A light and simple theme can be loaded quickly and will save time. A theme that is heavy and full of ads or graphics takes too much time to load and this is annoying for the people who visit your blog because they cannot wait whole day for a single page to load completely. Thus, for best performance, it is advisable that you choose a theme that is simple.

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