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Top 10 Steps to open an account with etrade


EtradeE Trade is one of the best brokerage options you will come across if you seek to get indulged in stock trading business. It offers you an exceptional customer service and the best incentives. Furthermore its mobile app will keep you in touch with your stocks anywhere and anytime. Even though its rates are a tad higher but it amply compensates its rates by the outstanding service it provides to its customers. Opening an account on the website is by no means an arduous task. The process is fairly simple and hereby we shall demonstrate this process to you in simple steps. Its account features are also very inviting. It enables you free and quick transfers to and from any institution. Moreover there are no account service fees. Following are the steps through which you can become a part of E Trade society.

Step no.1:

Visit the E-Trade’s official website and choose the option of OPEN AN ACCOUNT.

 Step no.2:

Once you do so E-Trade offers you with a variety of options. Different account option is presented before you and you have to pick out your account type. The various option which are given are as follows

  1. Brokerage Account
  2. Rollover IRA
  3. E-Trade Non Stop IRA Rollover
  4. Traditional IRA
  5. Roth IRA

Step no.3:

Suppose you choose the option of Brokerage Account. After choosing it, you will click on Continue.

Step no.4:

You will then be taken to a Brokerage Account Application page which will take almost 5 to 10 minutes for its completion. Each U.S Resident Applicant will need a residential address, date of birth, Social Security Number or EIN and Employer name and address. If you are not a U.S resident then, you have to click on the option ‘If you are non U.S resident and are applying’ given on the extreme right of the page.

Step no 5:

First you have to select an account type. There are three account types given, namely Individual account, joint account and custodian account.

Step no.6:

Afterwards you have to choose between the options of being a new E-Trade customer or an existing one.

Step no.7:

Then you have to fill in your Primary account holder contact information and click on Continue.

Step no.8:

Then you have to fill in your address, your phone number, your tax information, your country of legal residence and your employment information. You will also have to check some boxes if the statement applies on you,

Step no.9:

Afterwards you have to create your investment portfolio, in which you have to state your assets and their net worth and the investment activity you plan on undertaking. This will include few questions, relating to your investment experience and objectives.

Step no.10:

Lastly you have to inform if anyone other than the account holders can have trading authorization over the account. After choosing this, click on Continue and pave the way for your new account on the E Trade.

Although making this online account is fairly easy, yet you have to remember that E Trade investing and accounts require a minimum deposit of $500 within 60 days of opening for the account to remain active. However Retirement or custodial accounts are expiated from this condition. Follow these steps, mentioned above and begin your stock trading journey with the website.

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