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Top 5 social media mistakes by the bloggers

social media mistakesIn the contemporary world of technology and mass communication, the importance of social media channels for promotional purposes is undeniable. These platforms offer a viable option to online entrepreneurs to expand their businesses through effective promotion of their products and services. Almost 90% of online business executives utilize social media for promotional purposes. These media channels have become the preferred choice of beginners due to their global reach which increases the traffic to their prospective sites or blogs. However, these platforms are also home to myriad of professionals who choose these sources for company reputation and to further their established businesses by promoting their brands and services there.

Like many online businesses, social media network can also be put to infinite use for the promotion of your blog. These channels can help you a lot in drawing traffic back to your blog and consequently help expand your blog cognizance. However, anything worse than not using social media for your blog promotion is to misuse it. Although social media can be of invaluable use for your blog’s promotion, it can backfire if used poorly or without proper planning and training. Here are top 5 social media mistakes you need to avoid since they can adversely affect the promotion of your blog.

  1. No proper strategy

Your blog promotion purpose can suffer a great setback if you have no idea what you are doing and what you hope to accomplish. Whether your purpose is to expand your business, draw in traffic, connect with clients or acquire recognition, you need a proper marketing strategy to get started without which it would be extremely difficult to streamline your business online. The best option is to take some time figuring out what kind of strategy will work out for you and who is best suited to manage your social media accounts (in case you are thinking to hire an employee specifically for social media management). Once you have a proper plan at your disposal, you can start implementing it with hopes to achieve your desired goal.

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