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Top 5 smartphone Applications for stock trading

market watchStock trading is an enigmatic arena. You have to be very cautious of the turf, where you place your footsteps. However with this progressive boom of technology, keeping up to date with your stocks and any hustle and bustle of the finance world is not a really arduous task. There are numerous apps available now which are accessible on any android powered smart phone or iPhone. These apps enable stock trader to carry out  trade on the go. They keep you well informed of the changes occurring in stock market. Moreover investment is a full time job, especially in a market which is fraught with uncertainty. In this scenario mobile apps are a valuable investment and stock trading tool. Following are some of the best android apps which make your job easier.

It helps you to keep a look out for the most significant financial stories, global market news, quotes in real time and analysis of the market. This is a free app from Dow Jones. Although it comes free of charge, yet it ranks high in its utility and functionality as it helps you to keep up with the stock market wherever you are.


Forbes is a name which has built its name and earned its respect in the financial world. This app is an extremely useful tool for both advanced investors and the new comers. It helps them pave their way for investments. It comprises of video interviews, several others features relevant to the market, investment articles and panel discussions. Therefore this is an app which any stock trader would not want to neglect at any cost.


Bloomberg is a reputable app which is an amazing tool for any stock trader. You will come across tracking tools here, business and financial news, information on developing trends in the emerging markets, bonds, funds, insurance and technology in this amazing Bloomberg app. Moreover it also gives you access to Bloomberg Television live function for global financial news around the clock , in conjugation with audio interviews from major players in the financial world.


You can have access to this free app only if you possess an active Options House account. As a consequence of your active participation, OptionsHouse will grant you unfettered, real time access to your account from anywhere in the world. It enables you to make trade rights, cancel orders and create watch lists. Furthermore it keeps you up to date on every facet of your investment portfolio.


This free app from TD AMERITRADE has a lot to offer. It provides you access to futures, stocks, options and forex. And all this is just a matter of ease and simplicity. A few taps on the screen can open a whole myriad of avenues at your disposal. You can track events which make a difference to your bottom line, stream live financial news , modify orders and alerts , access real time quotes and test strategies with minimal risk.

Henceforth, smart phone applications can make a whole world of difference in modern stock trading. If you are a trader or aspiring to be one, make sure that you get your hands on any one of these applications.


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