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Top 5 sites like fiverr

FiverrWant to make money online without any investment? You just need to have a PC and internet connection in your home. Once you have it, earning online won’t be a problem. People earn hundreds and thousands of dollars while sitting in their homes. There are a number of websites that provide you a great platform to make money online.


Fiverr is one such website. It is basically a global online marketplace. It offer tasks and services and these tasks and services begin at a cost of $5 per job performed. It gets its name from this. The site is basically a freelancing site and it is primarily used by freelancers who use Fiverr to offer services to customers globally.

Like Fiverr, there are some other sites as well. These sites are authenticated and pay via PayPal or money transfer. Following is the list of top 5 websites like Fiverr.


Top 5 websites like Fiverr:

  1. GigBucks:

GigBucks is a very popular alternative to Fiverr and is a famous micro job. It hosts gigs for all the categories described on fiverr. It gives chance to the freelancers to charge an appropriate amount of money for their services. A gig can be anywhere starting from the range of $5 to $50 and take 20% commission. It is definitely a big step up from the $4 on fiverr. Just like Fiverr, joining is absolutely free. And you can post as many gigs as you like. A must try for existing fiverr users or other people.

  1. Fourerr:

It is another Fiverr clone. The design of the site is quite nice looking, easy to reacts and loads very fast. It is very easy to browse around. Everything you could need like ratings and sharing buttons are very easily accessible. As you go on the site as a buyer/seller you earn “badges” and these badges are a form of their user levels. Payment and withdrawal is through Paypal. Fourer takes a 20% commission just like any other Fiverr like site and every gig is worth $4. However, sellers can then add extra services to the gigs to reach a higher price.

  1. TenBux:

This is very similar to Fiverr. It has a similar interface, which is simple and very easy to use.  It has almost all of the categories Fiverr has. The only major difference is that it allows $10 per gig which is twice of what fiverr would allow. Out of the $10, you get $8, which is the exact commission rate as it is with fiverr. Payment is done with PayPal or with credit card (through PayPal) and you can withdraw to PayPal and Payza.


  1. Dollar:

This website is a lot better than fiverr or some of its alternatives. One reason is that it pays out through both PayPal and AlertPay. Here, you can host any type of gig for $5, and some other multiples of 3 such as $3, $6, $9, $12, $15, $27, $45, and $90. You just need to sign up to this site. Within no time you will be earning money. So why keep waiting go and sign up right now.

  1. FiverUp:

It is a very similar site to Fiverr. The price on the gigs range from $4 to $100 which is very similar to Fiverr. They also take 20% commission which is not a large amount. Payment method is very easy whether from PayPal or credit card. FiverUp also offer some extra interesting features for sellers like a “bump” function. It let them bump their gig to the top of the front page once per day.


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