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Top 5 simplest tips to create a successful long term blogging strategy

i_love_blogging1Blogging is one of the most profitable online businesses nowadays.A successful blog is nothing less than a goldmine, but bloggers must one thing in mind that blogging is not a bed of roses. Bloggers  have to work day and night to reap benefits of their blog. Bloggers must plan in advance about their future blogging strategy. So we are providing them six simplest tips to create  a successful long term blogging strategy.


Select a  profitable niche

Selecting a  profitable niche is one of the most important things to do before starting a blog. According to recent internet marketing study  money and finance is the most profitable niche followed by relationships and health/fitness niches.

The most profitable sub-niches for money and finance are insurance,online trading and stocks.The most profitable sub-niches for relationship niche are dating and friendship .If we talk about health and fitness,the most profitable sub-niches for this niche are dieting and weight loss.

Create  quality content

Almost all the successful agree on this point that creating quality content is the key to make a blog successful . So you have to keep on producing quality content.According to the blogging experts,you have to produce at least 1-2 articles per day  and your blog lengths should not be less than 500 words.To create quality content it is very important that you are  an expert in your niche.It is important because in  start you have to produce most of the content of your blog .

Keep on building subscription lists

Building subscription lists is very important,as it helps  to attract long term audience for the blog. Bloggers can build subscription lists by using different types of plugins and opt in forms. Pippity and Popup domination are the two most effective opt in plugins to increase subscribers of the blog. Other than that WordPress plugins are also very effective in building subscription lists.

Building back-links

Building back links is another very important tip to create a successful blogging strategy. Most of SEO experts agree that building quality back links is the backbone of the search engine optimization strategy. Building back links is important but you must avoid using black hat SEO techniques, as it can penalize your blog on the Google search engine.

Share your content as much you can

Sharing your  content is important ,as it helps you to build audience for your blog. According to the marketing experts sharing your web content on famous social media platforms such as Facebook,Reddit,Twitter and StumbleUpon brings amazing long term benefits for the blog.

Bring Targeted traffic

Target traffic is very for the success of a blog,as targeted traffic plays an important role in the financial success of any niche blog. It is really important especially if you are using a PPC business model for your blog. Targeted traffic increases the chance of visitors clicking the ads thus increasing the revenue.

Google adwords, email marketing and niche blog commenting are the three most effective ways of getting targeted traffic.In start you have to spend some money on Google Adwords in order to bring targeted traffic from this medium.It is a worth a spend as other than increasing your blog revenue it also helps to build subscription lists of the blog. You also have to spend some money on implementing email marketing strategy.If we talk about niche bog commenting ,it is a free way of bringing target traffic.We will provide detailed explanation of  all these ways in our future posts.



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