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Top 5 simple Facebook marketing strategies for the bloggers

Facebook marketingSocial media has made its name in the internet world over the last few decades and is now used as a main tool for communications and transactions all over the world. People interact, communicate and share their views on this platform. Among these social media websites, facebook is most well-known name.

Initially starting as a social media network to connect campus mates, it has now grown a lot. The advancements aver time have made it the number 1 social media network around the globe. As for many improved functions, other than sharing your life activities, it also helps  you to market your business  and blog online.

Following are the top 5 facebook marketing strategies for bloggers:


Facebook is a platform where you can easily promote writings and get a number of fans. The reason for this is its usage by a very large reader’s community. To market your blog, firstly create a facebook page with your blog name and add description of what you write about. In the description box, add the link of your blog too. When people like your blog page, the activity also appears on your friends’ timelines.


You cannot all the time post blogs, and may be not a single in a day, but you have to keep your facebook page active. You can add different statuses, write short quotes; your own, and from others too.  To make it more fun, you can add the quotes to pictures. This will make your blog page appear on the timelines of your fans and you might get visits.


Whenever you write a blog, also post it to your facebook page, as the audience you get on it  is more than regular blog visitors. In order to market your blog, you need to be regular in your posts. Also, you can tag friends and family so that they see it.


For your blog promotions, you need many fans to visit your page and then blogs. For this you have to search for communities related to the topic of your blog. In such a community or facebook group, you can find potential readers for your blog. Posting your blogs there will promote them, increasing your blog viewership.


If you insert pictures with your blogs too, they will create more interest among readers and make them want to read it. The picture can have a quote from your blog, a strategy or the best part of it.

By following these facebook marketing strategies, you can market your blog effectively. If you spend time, write well and follow up the tips properly, your facebook page will be famous all over the network and your blog will get many potential readers. The more readers you get the more are the chances for you to earn, as you start getting ads, which generate money, each time it’s clicked.

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