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Top 5 richest real estate millionaires


Real EstateToday we will bring you the list of top 5 richest real estate millionaires. As you all know that property values are rising globally, not only creating wealth but also new millionaires across the planet.




1.David Lewis


He is a Chartered surveyor who is works mostly in London and most of his work is based in the city of London. Lewis is a 71 years old retail investor who has sold quite a number of businesses to stay at the top of the market. His most famous retail deal was Hampton Trust, which helped him to earn a total of £25 millions. According to the statistics,  his wealth increased by total of £300 million which is a remarkable increase and that is why we have put him at number one in richest real estate millionaires. David Lewis has a current net worth of $570 millions


  1. Jose Antonio:

Filipino real estate mogul, José Antonio created Century Properties almost 25 years ago.  Now He has high-end condo projects across Manila and he is managing workforce of over 3,000.All of his four sons are working well at executive roles in the company. He built most popular residential building named as the Centurion, in Manhattan. This building was designed by I.M. Pei and his son. He is currently heading the Phil-China Business Council. He also served as the Philippines’ special envoy to China. Jose Antonia has a net worth of $300 million.
3. Michael Herbert


Michael Herbert is the owner of Herbal Restaurants. It is currently located in the city of Belfast.    He is also the sole owner of the largest Kentucky Fried Chicken franchise in Europe. Michael Herbert is also operating the franchise of Haagen-Dazs ice cream which is now more famous than ever. The 2011 Sunday Times Rich List estimated his current business value at £65 millions. Founder, Herbert, has expanded out into property development in Belfast and Scotland and deserves to be a part of the richest real estate millionaires list. Michael Herbert has a net worth of $256.5 million.


  1. Julia Davey

Julia Davey is a 54 years old former estate agent who went into property renovation. Recently her company profit of £ 2.9 million. Julia Davey and his company are involved in large real estate projects in London. His company is also working on real estate projects in areas like Cyprus, Eastern Europe, , and Israel. Angelic interior is his most popular real estate project. This project is worth more than £4 million. The 2011 Sunday Times Rich List estimated her business assets at £80 millions and adds £51 millions for property and personal wealth. Julia Davey has a net worth of 196.5 million

5.Debbie Dove

Debbie Dove started the business real estate after completing his A-levels in 1970’s.His first job was working for real estate agent for a London based company.Within a short time period of three years, she bought the real estate business. She later built up her own luxury property portfolio in the area and offered interior designing services to wealthy clients as well which turned out to be a success.

Her business portfolio has been estimated at £80 millions. The jewels in her real estate crown  are seven-bedroom Victorian mansion in Hampstead with a neighboring 18th-century crown, three-bedroom cottage in which once lived Robert Louis Stevenson. These real estate properties  are on sale now and the announced sale price for these buildings  are  £30 millions.

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