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Top 5 richest real estate billionaires of UK

We all know the fact that property value is increasing every coming day. The best source of investment is real estate which does not only saves your money but can be a source to build up businesses. Real estate is a great profession which is opted by people throughout the world. In United Kingdom, real estate market holds the considerable part of the overall economy of UK. The real estate business of UK is ranked 2nd largest (in Europe) after Germany. Not only the natives of UK, but many people around the world invest in real estate of UK specially London. Here is the list of top 5 richest real estate billionaires of UK.

Gerald Grosvenor, 6th Duke of Westminster

Gerald Grosvenor Duke of Westminster is holding the top position amongst the richest real estate billionaires of UK with a net wealth of $ 12.6 billion. Born on 22nd December 1951, Gerald is an army officer, landowner and businessman. His parents were Robert George Grosvenor (5th Duke of Westminster) and Viola Lyttelton (Duchess of Westminster). He took his early education from Harrow School and later on went to Royal Military Academy,Sandhurst. He got commissioned on Territorial Army in 1973 and was retired at the rank of Major General in 2012. He has 3 daughters and a son. He owns many titles, medals and decorations. The Duke is having vast property estates in Mayfair, Belgravia, Cheshire, Scotland and Oxford making him one of the greatest landowner of UK.

David and Simon Reuben

David Reuben (born on 1941) and Simon Reuben (born on 1944) are two brothers and one of the top richest people of UK with a fortune of $ 14 billion. They were born in India to an Iraqi Jewish family. They spend their early life in India and later on moved to UK in 1950. The family run various businesses in Indian subcontinent. David and Reuben increased their fortune by trading metal and real estates. The estate of these brothers include Millbank Tower, Carlton House SW1, Sloane Street Shops, Cambridge House, American Express Offices in Victoria, the former premises of Naval and Military Club and much more. They are also famous for their donations for charitable causes. Both of them are married with children but details are kept secret by them.

Charles Cadogan

Charles Cadogan (8th Earl Cadogan) is a well-known British landowner. He was born on 24th March 1937. His father was William Gerald Charles Cadogan, 7th Earl Cadogan who died on 4th July 1997. In 2009, he was ranked 14thamongst the richest real estate billionaires.But in 2016, Charles Cadogen is 3rdrichest real estate billionairewith a net worth of $ 7.8 billion. He took his early education from Eton College and was the first cousin of Agha Khan IV. Charles was the chairman of Chelsea Football Club and later on appointed as a Governor of Culford School in Suffolk. The Cadogen land include much of Sloane Street, wealthy part of London and Cadogen Hall.

Ian and Richard Livingstone

Brothers Ian (born on 22nd May 1962) and Richard Livingstone (born on November 1964) are ranked 4th in the list of richest real estate billionaires of UK. They have a net wealth of $ 5 billion. Their assets include High-end Shops of London, Hotels and Apartments. They are famous for their company named London and Regional Properties (founded in 1987) which is the largest private company in Europe. Besides this, they own Cliveden House in Berkshire, and Hilton Hotels in London Green Parks. Their father was a dentist and both were educated at St. Pauls School. Ian was an Optometrist but joined his brother Richard in business afterwards. Both are married with children and refrain to share details of their family publically.

John Whittaker

John Whittaker is fifth richestreal estate billionairewith a worth of $ 2.7 billion. He was born on 14th March 1942 in Bury, Lancashire. He took his early education from Prior Park College in Somerset. Whittaker is the Chairman of The Peel Group, a property investment company in North West England. He is known as publically shy businessman who forbade to give interviews. Whittaker has 3 sons and 1 daughter. He gave huge donations to Royal Manchester Childrens Hospital. John and his family is also a fan of Liverpool F.C.



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