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Top 5 richest real estate billionaires of Singapore

Real estate investment has been a major interest for investors of any country. This provides the investors a platform to multiply their wealth especially in countries like Singapore that have stable economies. Here is the list of top 5 richest real estate billionaires of Singapore.

Robert and Philip Ng

Robert Ng Chee Siong also known as “Robert Ng” (Born in 1952) is the CEO of Sino Group ,which is the famous property development company of Singapore. Together with his brother Philip Ng (Born on 16 September, 1977), their total estimated fortune is about $ 8.6 Billion. Thus, these brothers holds the title of Singaporean richest real estate billionaires. They have property investments in various parts of Australia, Singapore and China. They inherited the wealth from their father Ng Teng Fong, who was the founder of Sino Group. Robert currently lives in Hong-Kong with his wife and four children Daryl named Nikki, Jeanne and Christine. His son, Daryl is said to be his father’s successor, as he is the executive part of the Sino Group and devotedly promoting his family business.

Kwee family

Kwee family is 2nd in the list of richest real estate billionaires of Singapore with a total fortune of about $ 5.4 Billion. Kwee family include four brothers KweeLiongKeng, KweeLiongTek, KweeLiong Seen and KweeLiongPhing , who are renowned real estate investors of Singapore. They are the owner of Pontiac Land Group which deals in real estate investments throughout the country. They are son of Henry Kwee, who was a textile trader and real estate businessman. Currently, Kwee family is working on a project of reconstructing two historical buildings in Australia.


KwekLengBeng (Born on 1940 in China) is a famous Singaporean-Chinese real estate investor. He is the Chairman of Hong Leong Group, City Developments Limited (CDL), Millennium and Copthorne (M&C) hotels and Hong Leong Finance. Kwek has a total fortune of about $ 3.3 Billion which puts him third in the list of richest real estate billionaires of Singapore. He inherited his wealth from his father Kwek Hong Png, who was the founder of Hong Leong Group. Kwek is a lawyer by profession but due to his interest in business, he joined his father’s company in 1960s. The company has dealings in different parts of world including Asia, Europe and America. Kwek manages his business in Singapore while his cousin QuekLeng Chan manages the same business in Malaysia. Currently, Kwek is living with his wife and two children in Singapore.

Raj Kumar and Kishin Kumar

Raj Kumar (Age 62) and his son Kishin Kumar (Age 30) are the Singaporean investors and constructors. Both are leading their family business Royal Holdings and Royal Brother Capital as Chairman and executive member, respectively. They have an estimated wealth of about $ 2.4 Billion. Both father and son are currently working on a project of constructing Singapore’s tallest building. They are dedicatedly expanding their business in different parts of Singapore. The company was founded by their father, Naraindas Hiranandani who migrated from today’s Pakistan to Singapore in 1947.

Peter Lim

Peter Kim Eng Hock (Born in 1953) is a Singaporean real estate advisor and businessman. With an estimated wealth of about $ 2.4 Billion, Lim is fifth in the list of richest real estate business tycoons of Singapore. He is founder and chairman of Rowsley Limited, Valencia CF and Salford City. Due to financial issues, Lim worked as a cook and taxi driver to earn livelihood. Later on he become famous investor of Singapore. Along with his investments in real estate, Lim has investments in Football and Motorsports as well. His son Alim (Born in 1992) is a lawyer and legal advisor of his father. Lim is living in Singapore with his wife Cherie and his mother.


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