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Top 5 Richest Real Estate Billionaires of China

China is one of the fastest growing economies in the world.Its businessmen are making big money in different industries of the Chinese economy.Real estate is a very prominent sector of the economy.Real estate investors of China have really made money from their real estate assets in last few years and they have became one of the richest people of the country.Following is the list of richest real estate billionaires of China.



  1. Wang Jialin

Wang Jianlin has net worth of $34.3 billion as of June 2016. He is currently richest real estate billionaire of china.According to economic experts, Wang Jianlin is one of the most successful Chinese entrepreneurs of this century. He is currently the Chairman of Dalian Wanda companies group. He became the manager of the corporation in 1992 and he has been serving as a Chief Executive (CEO) since 1993.

His assets and properties include forty nine Wanda Plazas, 86 cinemas, twenty six luxury hotels, forty five singing centers, forty malls and a nine.03-square meter investment property. Wang Jianlin dreams of creating Dalian Wanda a best real estate enterprise in the world.

2. XU Jiayin:

XU Jiayin is a very successful real estate property developer and currently he is chairman of Evergrande assets clusters. Currently his net worth is $10.1 billion as per Forbes magazine and second richest real estate billionaire of China.

He is the seventh wealthiest person in China and 209th in the world. He was born in 1958 in Henan Province in China. He graduated from urban center University of Science and Technology with a degree in metallurgical sciences in 1982.

3.Chen Lihua:

Chinese bourgeois Chan Laiwa has a net worth of $ 7.7 billion as of January 2016 as per records of with Forbes magazine. Currently she is operating Chinese red wood repository that she founded in 1999. Chan Laiwa is currently living along with her husband, her 2 daughters and one son.She is currently thirdrichest real estate billionaire of China

At the start of the early 1990s, she started Fuwah International companies group. This company has investments in numerous fields such as embrace hotels, exotic items production, tourism, electrical industries and production. Today, Fuwah International companies are considered as one of the biggest property developers in Beijing.

4.Xu Rongmao

Xu Rongmao has a net worth of approximately $5.40 billion as per records of the Forbes magazine.He is currently fourthrichest real estate billionaire of China Xu Rongmao is currently ranked at 262nd richest person in the list of World Billionaires. He is the native of mainland ,but he is currently residing in Hong Kong. He is currently the Chairman of Shanghai Shimao, a sixty fourth owned assets subsidiary of Shimao Property.

5. Yang Huiyan:

Yang Huiyan has a calculable total valuation of $5.2 billion as of Dec 2015 per Forbes.Yang Huiyan is considered largest stockholder of the Country Garden Holdings. She is currently fifthrichest real estate billionaire of China.In 1997, his father yang Guoquian founded the Biguiyuan Company. Yang Guoquian transferred seventieth of the Country Gardens share to his young girl named yang Huiyan, even before the stocks were offered to the general public available in 2007. She is command in-charge of the Country Gardens development department.



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