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Top 5 Richest Real Estate Billionaires of Asia


Now a days, Real estate business is opted by people all over the world as it is blooming day by day. The real estate market plays a major role in the economic growth of any country. Like UK, USA, Europe, Asia has also produced many real estate business tycoons.Below is the list of top 5 richest real estate billionaires of Asia

Wang Jianlin

Wang Jialin (Born on October 24, 1954) is a Chinese business man. He owns a net wealth of $ 33.4 billion. He is currently the chairman of Dalian Wanda Group which is the worlds largest movie theater operator. Before that, he was the General Manager of this company. His company owns a total property of 21.57 million sq. meters, 82 luxury hotels, 99 departmental stores, 213 cinemas, 134 Wanda shopping plazas and 54 karaoke centers in different parts of China.He is also 20% shareholder of the Spanish football club Atletico Madrid. He started his early career as a border guard and is now the richest real estate billionaire of Asia. He is married to Lin Ning and has a son named Wang Sicong (Age 28) who is currently serving as a board member in Wanda Group.

Lee Shau Kee

Lee Shau Kee (Age 78) is a Hong-Kong based billionaire and the founder of Henderson Land Development. He has a fortune of $ 23.3 billion making him the 2nd richest real estate billionaire of Asia. He initially started his business as a currency exchanger. Lee is an active philanthropist and donated nearly $ 100 million up till now to noble causes i.e. education, farmer housing schemes and hospitals. Lee spend his early life in China and moved to Hong Kong in 1948 where he founded Henderson Land Development in 1973. He has 5 children and 8 grandchildren. He earned many nicknames like uncle four, Hong-Kong buffet and Asias master of stock.

Cheng Yu Tung

Cheng Yu Tung (Born on August 26, 1925) is the 3rd richest real estate billionaire of Asia. He has a total fortune of about $ 15.1 billion. He has his business interests in Hong-Kong and Macau as well. He is the owner of Chow Tai Fook Enterprises which is now run by his grandson Adrian Cheng Chi-kong. Alongside, Cheng is also a board member of Hang Seng Bank, Hong-Kong. He is married to Tsui-ying Chow and has 2 children Henry Cheng and Ka-shing Cheng.

Thomas and Raymond Kwok

Thomas Kwok (Born on 1951) and Raymond Kwok (Born on 1952) are two brothers from Hong-Kong. Both of them were the Joint-chairman and Managing director of the Sun Kung Kai properties which is the largest property developer in Hong-Kong. There are the sons of Kwok Tak Seng who was the founder of Sun Kung Kai properties. The combined wealth of both of them is around $ 14.4 billion .which makes them 4th richest real estate billionaires of Asia. Thomas hold a MBA degree from London Business School and BSc Civil Engineering degree from Imperial College, London. While, Raymond holds a law degree from Cambridge University, MBA degree from Harvard University and Doctorate in Business Administration from Open University of Honk Kong. Both of the brothers were arrested in 2012 on bribery charges. Later on Raymond was cleared of all charges and Thomas was jailed for 5 years.

Robert and Phillip Ng

Property siblings Robert Ng and Phillip Ng are Singaporean businessmen and 5th in the list of richest real estate billionaires of Asia. They have a combine wealth of $ 8 billion. Their father was Ng Teng Fong, who was the founder of Sino Group. In the recent years, both of them have expanded their real estate business in different parts of the world i.e. Australia, China. Currently, Robert is the chairman of Tsim Sha Tsui properties in Hong-Kong, Phillip is the head of Far East Organization Singapore and Sino Group is headed by Daryl (Roberts Son).

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