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Top 5 Richest Real Estate Billionaires in the world

Real EstateReal estate investment is one of the most important ways of earning huge amount of money. Real estate investors have really benefited from the real estate price appreciation in last two decades. Last few decades have  created many real estate billionaires . These billionaires  mostly belong to emerging Asian economies.Following is the list of 5 richest and most influential investors in the world.



Li Ka –Shing

Li ka-Shing was born on 29th July 1928  in china. He is a Hong Kong based real estate investor, a business tycoon and also a philanthropist. Sir Li Ka-Shing Is the chairman of the board of CK Hutchison Holdings. According to Forbes magazine November 2015 edition, he is the richest real estate billionaire  in Asia with net approximation of US$34 billion.  He also personally looks after his container terminal business. His company is  known as world’s largest dealer of container terminal and also known as world’s main health vendor.

Wang Jianlin

Wang Jianlin was born in October 24th 1954 . His nationality is Chinese. He is a very popular humanitarian and Chinese businessman. He is the largest real estate developer in China .He has made huge investments in the real estate sector in last few years.Currently he is also serving as the Chairman of Dalian Wanda Group. According to the latest estimates his net worth is approximately US$29.1 billion.He is on the second place of the richest real estate billionaire in the world. He has 99 departmental stores and 85 shopping plazas. He also has 20 % shares in the popular Spanish football club named Atlético Madrid.

Cheng Yu-Tung

Cheng Yu-Tung was born in 26th August 1925 in Lunjiao.  He is a Hong Kong based business  and  real estate dealer. He also has real estate investments in Macau. These investments have helped him to found large real estate empire in many Asian countries.He is the third richest real estate billionaire having net worth of  US$19.3 billion till February 2016. Cheng Yu-Tung is the owner of Sheraton Marina Hotel. He also has the contract of New World Development Group which is operated by his elder son Henry.

Lee shau-kee

Lee shau-kee was born in 29th of January 1928  in Shunde. He is known as the Hong Kong’s real estate magnate. He is the fourth richest real estate billionaire in the world.He has  share in the Henderson Land Development company. It is a property corporation with shares  in hotels, restaurants, properties, and  internet services. According to October 2012, He is the  2nd richest person in Hong Kong with net worth of $ 19.6 billion USD.


Thomas and Raymond Kwok

Thomas Kwok was born in 1951 age  while Raymond Kwok was born in 1952 age  in Portuguese Macau. Both are the Chairman and Managing Directors of Sun Hung Kai Properties (the largest real estate company in Asia). According to the Forbes magazine their combined wealth is US$ 17 billion.They are fourth richest real estate billionaires in the world. Both of them are largest property developers in Hong Kong. They have largest properties in china and they have built together some of the most iconic buildings in China.These iconic building truly represent the culture and traditions of the china.

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