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Top 5 richest bloggers of the world

blogA blog is basically an informational site that is published on a world wide web. The posts on the blog are published in chronological manner.  It means that the most recent post will be on the top of the page. The person who manages the settings and posts on the blog is known as the blogger. Blogger is also be considered as the author of the blog. According to an estimate there are more than 500 million blogs in the world.Blogs provide important news about business,economy,investment,technology,health,fitness  and different other fields. Other than providing important news,bloggers also  earn good bucks from their blogs. Some of the top five richest bloggers in the world  are as follows:
1. Michael Arrington
In the list of top 5 richest blogger in world in year 2014, this richest blogger is stands at 1st number. He has more than 1.3 million twitter followers. Michael Arrington is the founder of TechCrunch.com. The approximate per month income or earning of Michael Arrington is more than $700,000. In 2008, he was selected by TIME Magazine as one of the most influential people in the world.
2. Pete Cashmore
He is the CEO and founder of the popular blog website Mashable.com. The approximate per month income or earning of Pete CashMore is more than $500,000 and more that Pete CashMore has more than 1.8 million twitter followers. Due to these reasons he stood second in the list of World’s richest bloggers. In 2009, he was crowned by INQ as the most influential Briton and most influential Twitter user in the world.
3. Perez Hilton
He is one the most famous bloggers in the world. Perez Hilton belongs to Perezhilton.com.It is one of the most popular and influential blogs of last decade.This blog is popularly known for creating controversies of famous celebrities. The approximate per month income or earning of Perez Hilton is more than $400,000. His blog contains the complete information and detail about the photography and entertainment.This blog mostly talks about controversial news and updates about the celebrities.
4. Timothy Sykes
He is a stock trader, entrepreneur and penny stock expert. He is the owner of TimothSykes.com. He is best known for turning his bar mitzvah money into over $1 million by day trading in-between classes at Tulane University. Bar mitzvah is basically a popular Jewish religious ceremony.It is for a Jewish boy who has reached the age of 13 and is regarded as ready to observe religious precepts and eligible to take part in public worship. His per month income or earning is more than $190,000. Due to this reason he is ranked number 4.
He was born on 8 feb 1985. In the list of top 5 richest bloggers in the world in the year  2014, this richest blogger  stands at number 5. He is the owner of SmashingMagazine.com. One of the amazing things about this site is that, this site contains the detail and information about web development and designing which is totally related to the field of web and technology. The approximate per month income or earning of Vitaly Friedman is about $150,000 to $190,000.

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