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Top 5 reasons why your Google AdSense account gets banned

Google AdSense is one of the most well-known advertisement programs of Google. A number of website owners and publishers sign-up for the Google AdSense account for earning money online.
It’s easy to create an account and sign-up with AdSense, however the toughest thing is to keep the account active and running all the time. With AdSense, even the smallest mistake can cause your account to get terminated.
The biggest nightmare for AdSense users is having their account terminated. This happens usually because people do not go through the terms and conditions of AdSense properly and thoroughly.
Given below are the top five reasons why Google bans your AdSense account:
1. Clicking on your own ads
The number one reason for the AdSense account being suspended is that many users click on their own ads by mistake or intentionally so that they can quickly earn more money online. Google easily tracks the clicks on the ads and if it finds out that you’ve clicked your own ad mistakenly or on purpose, then there are chances that your account can get suspended. You can use AdBlocker to prevent clicking on your own ads. Also, you should never ask other to click on your ads as it will only lead to your AdSense account getting banned rather than having more earnings. Google is very smart and won’t require much time to catch you so you cannot fool it for long.
2. Invalid or repeated clicks
Another reason for a sudden ban of your Google AdSense account is invalid or frequent clicks on the advertisements. AdSense strictly disallows invalid clicks on its ads. Most of the time people who visit your website or blog repeatedly click on the same ads, especially when the ads are placed near to any sharing buttons or hyperlinks, or are integrated into something else. In case if you start getting frequent and repeated clicks then you should immediately remove the advertisements from your blog because it can lead to your account getting suspended. You can also locate log files in your server in order to avoid invalid clicks. Log files will help you monitor and track your website activity.
3. Posting low quality content
You should be careful when you post content on your blog or website. Always make sure that the content you post is of good quality and doesn’t include any copy pasted material from any other website. If you take information from any other website, make sure that you do not just copy it because if you do so, it will violate the terms and conditions of AdSense which will ultimately lead to the deactivation of your account. Also, if your website or blog contains adult content, or content related to violence, crime, drugs, profanity or gambling, then AdSense can ban you for having a spam website/blog.
4. Improper placement of ads
Avoid placing your ads near to the various links on your website or blog such as download links or pop-ups. Always make sure that you place the ads in such a manner that there’s a bit of space between the ads and other links on your site or blog. AdSense doesn’t allow you to fool your website visitors into clicking your own ads by mistake or even by chance. If you put any form of ads on your website which makes your visitors click on them by mistake, then chance are that your Google AdSense account might get banned instantly.
5. Putting too many ads on your website
Don’t place too many ads on your website or blog as it can confuse the visitors where to click and the page will look all cluttered up as well. Moreover, avoid placing ads within the content of your website or blog as it can also cause your AdSense account to get terminated permanently.

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