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Top 5 reasons to invest in the Facebook Stock

facebookFacebook is a social media king that has continued to increase its mobile revenues since its inception. In the year 2015 its mobile revenues increased by a phenomenal amount of 78%. The figures show a great sign of investing in the Facebook stock while thinking about earning via investment in the stock market.


Why Should I Invest in Facebook Stock?

Facebook is the world’s most popular social media network; people may think that it has reached its full potential in the stock market, however, its continuous growth states otherwise. Here are the top five reasons you should invest in the Facebook stock

User-Based Growth of the Network

Facebook has done admirably well in keeping its users engaged. According to the latest results, about 1.55 billion desktop and 1.39 billion mobile users are engaged on Facebook every month. This number is by far ahead of any other social media networks currently claiming to be a competition for the Facebook. This is a very important that investors should prefer Facebook stock while investing in the stock market.

Performance in the Stock Market and Future Plans

 Facebook has managed to maintain a steady growth rate and, more importantly, the network has plans for the future as well. The Facebook is expanding its services in booming economies like India which is a huge market, this is a very healthy sign for those who have invested in the Facebook stock and an attraction for those who are thinking about investing in the stock market.

The New Advertising Giant

 Google has been the advertising giant for years, it has not vanished by any means at all but Facebook is another marketing giant that has a specialty in targeted marketing. The launch of Facebook Atlas has contributed to the targeted marketing, even more, the expected growth of the company is definitely appealing the investors to invest in the Facebook stock.

Acquisition of other Social Media Apps

 The investors should have been worried about one thing that the novel social media apps would one day take the place of Facebook and it would affect their investments. This worry has been dealt with by the Facebook by purchasing the two most downloaded social media apps the Instagram and the Whatsapp. This behavior of the network is a financial security of the investors planning to invest in stock market and it increases the trust of the investors in the Facebook stock.

Mobile Payments and the Potential of Growth

 Facebook launched the feature of mobile payments in the United States of America in June 2015it provides users an easy way to send and receive money. With the trust that people have on Facebook, it is an excessive potential growth strategy of the Facebook once it gets common throughout the world. Not only that it exhibits the innovative and unstoppable achievements of the network but also an inline working feature at the moment.

Facebook stock is attractive and trustworthy for the investors who are looking to invest in the stock market.The above mentioned reasons are some of the most appealing reasons to invest in the stock market . So investors should trust that  the Facebook stock is worth a investment.

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