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Top 5 reasons stock trading is best way of investing money

Investment-OptionsYou have a lot of options when it comes to investing. It is better to put your money in some kind of investment,rather than keeping it idle or saving it.  Investment basically means to put your money to work with the aim of making more money out of it. There are several investment methods available,so now it’s up to the investor to select the most suitable one according to his/her preference,attitude and financial strength. Investment methods includes :


  • Real business investment
  • Stock market
  • Trading in commodities
  • Foreign exchange investment
  • Saving accounts etc

After analyzing all the investment methods I found out that investing in stocks is the best way to earn profit. Stocks are basically a share or ownership in a business or a company. Now the question arises ,where the stocks are traded? Stocks are traded in stock market and the person who is involved  in trading is known as stock trader. Stock market is a place where different stock traders respond according to information, misinformation and whim. Trading in stock market offer various benefits to the individual investors such as

  1. High Returns to Stock Traders
  2. Information
  3. Easy Cash Conversion
  4. Delayed in Taxations
  5. Benefit of Diversification

High Returns:

Stocks are no doubt considered risky assets but side by side these are the assets which have the capability to offer higher returns as compare to any other investment. According to Federal Reserve  on average stocks grow 10 percent every year.


Stock market is intimately watched by the entire world. Stock market is a place where different information by different investors is prevailing all the time so it makes easiest for the stock traders to select the best stock for investment. If a company wants to sell its stocks, it simply needs to release its financial statement which can enable the stock traders to gauge the health and performance of the company and then make the decision of investment in the stocks of that company. The news and information regarding the stocks are always authentic because there are financial reporters whose job is to reporting on stocks all the time. These reports facilitate stock traders to research regarding the stocks they hold and make the decision that whether to make the trade or not.

Easy Cash Conversion:

Stock market is basically a kind of auction house in which stock traders are always indulge in buying and selling of stocks. It is a place where you can easily convert your stock investment in the form of cash,as its not difficult to find stocks buyers in the stock market, however other assets are much more difficult to sell for instance, if you are dealing in real estate, it will require a huge time and effort to finalize the sale deal.

Delayed Taxation:

This is another benefit of investing in stock trading. The ability to delay paying tax on your investment is a big opportunity to double your investment in a short time. If you purchase a stock and it value goes up then the stock traders is not oblige to file a return on the earnings. He only requires reporting the stock gains only at the time of selling stocks for a profit but in the case of loss stock trader has the opportunity to compensate his losses by reducing taxes on the other stock gains.

Benefit of Diversification:

Risk diversification is a big advantage which stock traders can enjoy in investing in stock trading. Risk diversification  enables a stock trader to spread the risk by investing in more stocks at one place.

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