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Top 5 reasons for sudden drop in your blog traffic


blogWhat if you wake up one morning seeing that your blog’s traffic has dropped by 50%? Obviously, it would be pretty much shocking and frightening for you to see your blog’s visitor graph taking a sharp downward trend.When you’ve regained your senses after the shock, the very first question that will come to your mind is this: what could be the reason behind this sudden unexpected downward trend?


A sudden and dramatic traffic drop can be disastrous and devastating for any blog owner and there can be many possible reasons for it. Here we have listed some of the major reasons for a sudden drop in your blog’s traffic:


Reason #1 – Poor quality, copy pasted or outdated content

A sudden reduction in the overall traffic might be due to low quality, plagiarized or outdated content. Quality of the content that you post is directly related to the search engine rankings and traffic. Also, if your blog’s content is copy pasted, there are chances that the search engines can spam your website. Moreover, if the content is out of date, for example, let’s say, if your blog has posts about some special occasion such as Christmas, then your blog’s traffic will probably drop after the season because people will stop searching for things related to that particular event.


Reason #2 – Not updating your blog

Blogs that do not get updated aren’t able to survive in the search engine rankings for a long time. There’s a pretty tough competition going on out there and thus bloggers have to frequently update their blog with new posts. Blogs that are updated on daily basis receive 50% more traffic than those that aren’t updated for a long time. Also, it’s necessary for bloggers to continuously check for Google algorithm updates to avoid a sudden and drastic drop in their blog’s traffic.

Reason #3 – Competitors take over

Many a times you will get knocked down by your immediate competitors and this will ultimately result in a decrease in the overall traffic. Although you might not notice a sudden decrease in the traffic, but slowly you’ll start to lose your main search engine rankings.But the good thing is that you will not be completely abandoned from the search engine results; there will only be a minimal change in the rankings. But even a minor change in rankings can cause a sudden drop in the overall traffic, especially if your blog was among the top ten in the SERPs.


Reason #4 – Google penalty OR Search engine penalty

Another possible reason for a sudden drop in the traffic is the penalty placed by Google. There can be a number of causes for Google or any other search engine placing a penalty and these can include keyword stuffing, hidden text, and cloaking redirects, pages labeled as spam, a hacked website, and unnatural incoming and outgoing links. For example, if your site contains poor quality, duplicate or thin content, then you can receive a Panda penalty by Google. And if a number of links are coming from penalized or low quality websites, or if you’ve been aggressively active in practices like directory submissions and blog comments, then it is seen by Google as a red flag and your site can be penalized. This type of penalty is known as Penguin penalty.


Reason #5 – Change in Google Analytics settings

If there’s a change in Google Analytics settings or if the settings have been set incorrectly, then you will notice a huge and dramatic decrease in your blog’s traffic. For this you need to check the Analytics code because Analytics isn’t able to report anything without a proper code for measuring your blog’s traffic. If the code has been removed or broken, then the first thing you need to do is to fix it.

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