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Top 5 reason for low earnings of Google AdSense

Blogging is one of the most profitable ways of earning money online in the era of information technology. Low earning of Google AdSense is a problem that is faced by most of the bloggers running their websites or blogs. Google AdSense provides very good ad rates for every kind of blog niches. Other than earning good revenue bloggers also face problems of low earnings from their Google AdSense ads. Here are the top five reasons for low earnings of Google AdSense that one must be aware of.

Number of visitors is not enough:

Traffic plays an important in earning money online as far as blogging is concerned. Layout plays an important role in attracting traffic towards the blog or website. Low traffic means low earnings for the website. High traffic increases the clicks on the ads as Google AdSense is mostly using pay per lick model for their ads. This clearly means that it needs a large number of traffic for earning online.

Attracting low paying ads accidentally:
Now this depends on the basic theme of your publications that what sort of material you are publishing on your site. Everything has its own cost, and cost of a seed cannot be equal to the cost of a pearl. Same is the case when you are earning online. When you are selling stuff that has low demand, then you automatically attract the ads that are related to that stuff and are low paying. Similarly, if you are selling things that have high demand, then automatically attract those ads that pay more.

Low paying niche:
This problem is very much related to the previous one. One must be careful while choosing a niche for site like fashion trends or any other thing that is trending nowadays. An example of low paying niche can be of games. This niche attracts a lot of traffic but the payout per click for this niche is very low so it is difficult to earn revenue with these types of niches. Finance and health/fitness attract high paying ads from Google AdSense program.

Having ad units that are not targeted:
A best way to keep all the things on their track and to make them move smoothly is to target the ads. Bloggers fail to target ads so they get very low revenue. Do not forget to add channels to your best performing ad units. In this regard you can take help from Google Analytic account by connecting your AdSense account with it. With the help of this you can locate the ads and pages that generate more revenue. At the end, after making a channel don’t forget to click the Targeting option.

Having low CTR ad units:
Attracting high-paying ads is not enough to successfully run a site and earn, rather one need clicks on these ads as well. For this purpose the most effective technique that must be used is to have the ads at the upper part of the page that is above the fold. If the ad would be at lower part of the page the visitor would have to scroll down for clicking it and that will lead to a reduced number of clicks on the ads.

Another point that must be noted at this issue is that the size of the ad should also be appropriate. If it would be too large it would irritate the visitor and he would simple click the back button. So it should not be so huge neither it should be so small that it becomes difficult to notice it.

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