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Top 5 plugins to increase your blog’s Pageviews

blogDo you want visitors to visit your blog more often? Do you want them to spend more time in navigating and going through your blog,so that your online earnings improve? Do you wish to attract more advertising agencies to your blog, charge more from them and earn  lot of money through your blog? But it often happens that visitors are usually in a hurry. Therefore they just visit one page and get done with it. What happens because of this is that each time a visitor leaves your blog, simultaneously your bounce rate increases. This isn’t so because your content wasn’t worth reading or sub-standard; rather in most cases this is so because you didn’t aid the visitor to navigate through your block appropriately and with ease. However there are a number of word press plugins which can help amend this situation. Employing these plugins can make a major difference as they help increase the number of your page views.


Following are the top five plugins which can help you to increase your page views.



YARPP occupies the summit position in the list of these plugins because it has proved to be very effective. What it does is to expose the reader to a list of similar posts, related to the one he just visited. This list appears at the bottom of the post. This is very influential because it is very much plausible that a visitor enjoying a post might want to pursue others similar to it. So as he pursues those related posts, your page views increase in parallelism.



This plug in generates a list of most viewed posts in the blog. Probably the reader would want to know what is so particular in these posts that they are so popular, therefore he might visit those posts, simultaneously increasing your page views. This plugin works in correspondence with the WP-Stats plugin.



Man by nature is curious to know what others are conversing about. As this plugin displays a list of all those posts which received the maximum comments; therefore it is likely that the visitor’s interest is piqued. Thus resulting in increased page views of your blog.



This plugin enables only a teaser link to appear on your home page. The visitors will have to click on the link to view it and thus your blog will earn another page view each time a visitor clicks to go through the post in its entirety.


5. SETH GODIN Plugin

This plug in performs its function in a very crafty manner and eventually increases your blog subscribers. It distinguishes between the new and repeated visitors by the browser cookies. It makes a subscribing option appear on the blog post, beckoning the new visitors to subscribe. The idea working behind this is that visitors generally cherish a partiality for their subscribed blogs; go through them often and even suggest them to others. Therefore ultimately this will result in the increase in page views of your blog.


With the help of these plugins, you can easily increase your blog’s page views and it will also improve your online earnings. So start working with these plugins and have a happy blogging experience.

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