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Top 5 plugins to increase CTR of the blog

i_love_blogging1In the world of blogging and internet marketing, CTR i.e. Click Through Rate is a vital figure of merit for evaluating the success of not only those who advertise their stuff but also for those who are running their blog/website. All a publisher needs to do is place an ad in such a way that creates maximum CTR for him and eventually generates heavy revenue for his/her blog. Being a publisher, the most essential thing is to spin money and retaining advertisers at the same time.

AdSense CTR is “the number of times your ad or search result is shown to a page viewer, how often he clicks it and not overlooks it.” Or in the nutshell, AdSense CTR is the relation between number of page views and number of clicks on an advertisement. This is one of the most significant metrics necessary for improving the ranking of your blog or website. A straightforward formula for calculating CTR is:

CTR = No. of clicks / No. of exposures

Superior and high-quality stuff on a blog or website is something that forces your page viewer to stay long on your site and click on the ads. Besides that, making use of few plugins also helps boost your click through rate. Introduced below are some plugins you should use in order to get improved results.

Adsense High CTR:

This is a wordpress plugin which can magically increase the Adsense CTR of your blog or website. This plugin helps you design a simple and short-term template that increases Adsense CTR dramatically and drastically! The search engine spiders see your ordinary blog, but human eye perceives a template that has been created to increase Adsense CTR.

CTR Widget:

This plugin fundamentally increases the click through rate to a maximum of 50% by setting up a floating widget also known as cloud box. This floating widget or cloud box moves along with the screen as someone scrolls the screen up or down and results in the key ad being shown notably.

Insert Post Ads:

If you keenly want to enhance your CTR and Google AdSense income, then all you need to do is begin inserting ads inside your post content. Insert Post ads lets you automatically add ads after the chunks of your post content. This saves you the annoyance of entering ads in each of your post by hand.


This plugin helps a blogger automatically add Chitika ads to his blog posts. Chitika ads display the blog viewers the most relevant ads which are attuned with AdSense. Installing this plugin is one of the finest ways to boost up the CTR of your blog/site.

Google AdSense Click-Fraud Monitoring Plugin:

This plugin basically stop the ads to be disqualified and eliminated from your AdSense account due to spiteful or inadvertent third party clicks on an advertisement on your website or blog. It also prevents a visitor from viewing your ads when they click several times on them. As a result, it helps increasing the CTR and CPC of the blog.

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