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Top 5 Pakistani Online stock Trading provider Companies

Arif Habib Limited

The vision of Arif Habib Limited is to become the most Preferred and Respected Financial Institution of Pakistan. With its outstanding online and offline stock trading services, it brings solutions for customers by valuing the stakeholders and providing them with the brokerage services.

Standard Capital Securities

The company was founded in 1990.Standard Capital Securities is well known for providing full scale online and offline brokerage services. Its online stock trading platform consists of very interactive features for the stock traders. These features include bunch trading, intraday technical trading and active customer support. They commit to their clients through their vision of providing the best resources they can that are required for intelligent investing and generate superior returns for the investors.

Zafar Securities Private Limited

Zafar Securities Private Limited is a well known name who has chain of clients all over the country. This chain has been successful in maintaining thousands of clients because of their hard work. They have successfully achieved their objectives of becoming a leader in the market .They have proved that they deserve to be the leading brokerage house of the country based on its quality internet based stock trading solutions.

AKD Securities Limited

AKD Securities Limited enables their clients to trade online and focus on the point that their clients always receive and get the best and outstanding performance. This is ensured by developing skills like timely performance and efficient services.

Abbasi and Company PVT Limited

Abbasi and company is one of the most reputed corporate brokerage houses in Pakistan. With all its efficiency the company provides its customers with Equity sales and executions, commodity trading, company wise and sector wise research and advisory. Moreover, the company makes sure that the client receives user friendly online stock trading services .

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