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Top 5 Online stock trading websites

stock tradingAre you yearning to become a stock trader but are dubious about the details? When it comes to small-cap and penny stock traders like you, then minor details also make a big difference. Owing to this fact it is mandatory that you choose the right broker with prudence and caution as the right choice can save you thousands of dollars a year in profits. Therefore hereby you shall be exposed to the top five online stock trading websites. These stock trading websites will provide you access to various tools which will consequently prove to be really valuable in your investment sojourn. Although your choice will ultimately be a personal one based on your own preferences , but hereby we have a narrowed down list of the very best and competent stock trading websites



     The first one on the summit is TD AMERITRADE. This was ranked as the best online broker

       of 2014 by Stockbrokers.com. It offers you various incentives. Its platforms, precisely

       Thinkorswims (desktop) and Trade Architect (web) are both innovative and client friendly.

     The former was also ranked as the number one desktop platform. This amazing benefit is

       further super added by Ameritrade’s extensive education and research. It allows you to go

     for advisor referral service or professional portfolio management or independent investment.

     The rates are straightforward and simple, $ 9.99 for online trade stocks. All this makes it

       definitely a worthwhile catch. For further information, check out the website given below.


TD AMERITRADE’S offer is as follows:

Trade free for 60 days and end up with $600 for any new account.



Next on the list is ETRADE. E trade outranks others because of its easy use and accessibility, enhanced by its innovative platform and tools, and further upgraded by its mobile service. Furthermore its customizable client dashboard is definitely a win and was also awarded the ‘Best Client dashboard’. It doesn’t merely end at this. Its mobile service was also ranked as the number one smart phone application by stockbrokers.com. The new investor feels at home here as he is provided ample guidance by professionals. E trade gives you much more than merely low commissions. You can embark upon your long term investments from here as well as set your trading goals. The standard trade rate for stocks , options and ETF’s is $ 9.99. For in depth information and more details you can check out the website as given below.


E TRADE’s offer is as follows:

Trade free for 60 days (500 free trades max) and end up with $600 with any new account.



E Trade is followed by OPTIONSHOUSE. Stock Brokers Review 2014 deemed it as the number one Options Trading website. It has flat fee rates in conjugation with flexible fee rates. To be precise it offers $4.75 flat fee trades alongside two flexible rates for options trading: up to 5 contracts for $5 or $8.95 + $.15 per contract. It is famous for its easy use and accessibility, accompanied with discounted trading. With its competitive rates you can save more as you trade more. Furthermore its flexible rates give you the authority to choose the rate that best suits your trading style. For detailed information, check out the website given below.


OPTIONHOUSE’s offer is as follows:

Trade free for 60 days.



Then you’ll come across TRADEKING on the list. Trade king has a characteristic customer service with a 4.5 star rating. The trade commissions are very competitive and serve as in incentive for the client. The quality research for stocks, ETF’s and mutual funds are also commendable. Furthermore it serves as a home to thousands of investors in a mutual sharing relationship of trade ideas and researches. The rates are fair and simple. You have to pay $ 4.95 for stock and ETF trades. For more details, check out the website given below


TRADEKING’s offer is as follows:

Join TradeKing and get up to $150 as transfer fee compensation.



Last on the list is SCOTTRADE. Due to its exceptional customer support it was awarded the Best Overall Client Experience 2014 award. It is easier to open an account here and similarly transferring of a brokerage account from another broker. This broker company has a very extensive and large network with over 500 local branches. Furthermore it guarantees very competitive flat-fee stock trading rates .i.e. $7. For further information click on the link below.


SCOTTRADE’s offer is as follows:

Switch to Scottrade and get up to $100 as transfer fees compensation.






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