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Top 5 niches in the world of Blogging

i_love_blogging1Blogging is something that can earn you a lot if you do it right. To start a blog and have it be on top, you need to choose a topic that is widely searched and very less written about. This can be the things one needs in daily life and is not much told about, so need help in dealing with them.

Following are the top 5 blogging niches you can use to take your blog to the top:

1.       Technology:

Tech-blogs are the most common and widely run blogs as  lot of people are interested in knowing about new technologies. These blogs can be narrowed to a topic or just updates of new innovations. These blogs include smart phone queries, electronic materials, gadgets, and technological leads. If you do it right, you are going to get attention and people will probably sign up for your newsletters.

2.       Entertainment:

Entertainment blog is a vast niche and can get you more followers with little efforts. You can update upcoming movies, reviews of the top watched, latest albums released and even celebrities’ scandals. People very much like to keep a check on their favorite stars and scandals related to it.

3.       Business/Finance:

Business, finance and marketing concern people worldwide. They need to know about new businesses ideas and how to take a company to higher levels. For starters business ideas and knowing complications in startups are important to learn. If you are good at finance matters you can get a number of followers.

4.       Tips/ How to:

A blog telling people how things works is the best to start up when you are good at a certain thing. It can be anything, from DIY things like how to make certain beauty products are made or how a room can be decorated to look big. You can take your profession and be a teacher of it. If you are a developer, you can teach people basics. If you are a designer, you can tell people how to do things, make photo shop tutorials or things you think people would have trouble doing for the first time.

5.       Software Review:

Software installations are tricky jobs, especially for people who have no idea of the stuff. You can tell people how the software worked for you and which of the one is safe to install. You can also give people links of the anti-viruses and other soft ware.

Blogging is about giving people help and getting fan following in return. The greater niche you choose for your blog and the more you have hold on your subject, the more top ranks your blog gets. You have to know that blogs are about informing people what they need to know. For your blog to come in the top search it must be unique, and for it to be visited it must have quality content. When you write good stuff, your blog won’t be a onetime click people will consider it in trouble.



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